Saturday, June 5, 2021

Garden chronicles, the greenhouse

when we first purchased our new house i was eager to tackle the landscaping, i had big plans! i started with the foundation planting the first year, adding hundreds of trees and shrubs around the perimeter for privacy, color, fresh fruits and flowers. the next year we started my rose garden, a large undertaking that has given me immense joy! next up came my iris gardens, i wanted huge borders to dazzle me that easily multiply to spread around the property. with the foundation plantings, roses and iris planted i am finally ready for the cherry on the top, the perennials and annuals that really make a garden a garden! in order to maximize that pleasure i need a greenhouse to nurture my seedlings into fruition. with great joy our latest project is stepping up to the plate! 

right around thanksgiving i began cutting into the slope to prepare our site.

it all started to come together when i ordered several transfer loads of fill dirt

a week later we were ready for the retaining walls

it is two levels, the upper level is for us to be able to drive around the barn, the lower level is for the greenhouse.

my view from the greenehouse

we let the fill winter over to settle, ready for a fun new spring project! the first of april i was ready to go, we get our irrigation water on april 15th, i was hoping for the best that we could match completion by that date! the first week i found these windows on craiglist for a great buy, i was raring to go!

i still needed many more and figured we could just purchase at a box store and be on our way... no such luck, with covid windows were backordered for months... 
...yawn, stretch, yawn, groan...
2 months later...
good news, the windows have arrived! bad news, it is 100 degrees and too hot to even think about using and or needing a greenhouse now... in other words, my husband is not that motivated...

it faces due south, about as hot as it can be to have to work outdoors...we aren't young kids anymore, but despite the heat my husband framed the foundation.

and today he poured the concrete!

 its going to be a slow pace, the thermometer is calling all the shots, but we have officially started the greenhouse! 

i like to keep track of everything i plant by area, i have a vibrant garden of reds, oranges and yellows just off the greenhouse area. 

 greenhouse garden area

graber pyracantha 5
toyon 2
Orange stripe canna tropicanna 2
Forsythia magical gold 
Forsythia week-end
Forsythia magical gold
Yellow canna
elephants eat 6
Desert cassia
Maximillian helianthus 
red hot poker
blue princes/blue prince combination holly 3
Tropicana black 10
Scotch broom
night blooming jasmine 2
Gold flame spirea 2
Variegated Pretoria canna 2
Frankly scarlet daylily
strawberry candy daylily 2
Autumn red daylily
Yellow gold mums 2
Mum mix 34
Coreopsis 3
Variegated asclepsias
Anthony waterer spirea
white buddleia
Italian cypress 2


  1. Wow, Jain, besides all the beauty we see from you every day, there is still more going on in the background. My head is spinning when I see all the hard work and love you put into everything you do. We all are so fortunate to see the magic that you create..Happy Week to you..xxoJudy

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see it all come together..but with the heat you both need to pace yourself. It's going to be absolutely beautiful! Will be headed out your way to Tahoe and Carmel in August...we will be needing to escape the heat here as we will be in the high 90's with humidity.

    1. How fun, great getaways, I grew up in Tahoe and lived many years in Carmel, love them both!

  3. You blow my mind with all you two have accomplished! I can't wait to see it come together. Scott is a jack-of-all-trades! It is so humid and hot here, pore-cleansing weather. I can't imagine working in that heat. Stay cool ♥