Tuesday, November 30, 2021

my garden day~

in the courtyard the reds caught my eyes... 

passing the kitchen garden the pyracantha is so heavily laden every inch is saturated in berries 8' high and wide

 the fence line is a blaze in red hot pokers...

but good news is the ponds are instantly cooling

jackmanii is still blooming

and one lone white brugmansia

a couple of medians are reblooming

paperwhites are going strong

the lemon trees are heavy...

the acacia tree is budding up for February blooms

the loquat tree has 1000s of blooms with hundreds of bees harmonizing near and far

so nice to have a carpet of green for the girls

katie always howls when i ask her pose...

its taken me months, but today i finally removed the last of hundreds and hundreds of bearded iris from the backyard, they were always temporary, this jan we start construction of a pool to enjoy this endless view...

over thanksgiving week scott framed up the greenhouse, so excited to have a new place to call home soon!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

persimmon galette

persimmon galette 
preheat oven to 400 degrees

pie crust
 cream cheese or mascapone
sugar to taste
orange zest
optional grand marnier or orange juice

mix and spread in a circle 1" from pie crust border

6-7 persimmons sliced thin in a cuisnart
toss with sugar and orange zest, mix well, it will get syrupy

spread persimmons in circle, fold over edges, brush with milk

bake for 20'
dust with powder sugar, serve with whip cream

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

catching my eye...

 i'm so busy working the garden that i often miss sections for weeks, today i was walking to grab a fallen shovel and something pink caught my eye...

at the end of the day, with the setting sun, i had to stop to catch the brilliant shades of red on the oakleaf hydrangeas...

such a contrast to the white alstromeria...