Sunday, April 26, 2020

feeling in the pink~

in a blink of an eye how quickly things can change...

Saturday, April 25, 2020

double dose of sadness...

today we said goodbye to two of our seniors, libby and wonder. I found them only a few weeks old on our property and bottle fed them all. both these kitties didn't have easy lives, libby had liver failure as a baby that affected her for a very long time, coupled with being a life long epileptic requiring double daily dosages of pills, it couldn't have been easy for her.
wonder was always an extremely shy and nervous cat, coupled with being diabetic. it is with great sadness that we said good bye to both today, they arrived on the same day and they departed the same day...
wonders brother ponder died years, I still have one kitten left from this basket. they always bring us great joy, but I buckle over with tears when they pass. These two never had carefree healthy lives, its almost a sigh of relief that they will forever be pain free again. I still have one 16 year old diabetic cat left, I can't imagine what life will be like not administrating medication on a daily basis, my 3 patients were always a formidable part of our lives from morning to night...

 because I am so saddened losing two I am sharing a wee bit of beauty that helped me get through the day...

our vet came in early for us, as a thank you for such a difficult day I made the first cut bouquet from my rose garden for them.

it steadied my nerves selecting the prettiest blooms I could find

we have always buried our pets at home, I always have pretty boxes ready so I am never in searching for them when I need them

it was extra heartbreaking seeing two...

I have been burying pets for decades, always to my greatest relief I have never once not had fresh rose petals to cushion their beds. the first vet that saw this 35 years ago choked up. even in the dead of winter my old house had petals to spare, it just gives me comfort sending them off on a bed roses...

Friday, April 24, 2020

flush of spring~

the roses are slowly unfurling, the iris are going strong, I greet each day with a smile on my face~

my husbands new office...
he is not one to notice the garden, but since the shut down he works everyday outside, strapped into a headset, its not that he suddenly loves the garden, it is that he is seeking the best bandwidth... I like to hope he can glimpse the beauty around him~

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

cobb salad

I love salads, so fast, fresh and easy, and a great way to use up leftovers! since getting to the market isn't like it used to be, I just use what's on hand, even if that means substituting fresh avocados for guacamole, or worse, leftover easter ham for chicken! the real reason I want to remember this salad is that I looked up the original cobb salad dressing recipe from the brown derby, which reminded of all those great I love lucy shows. we loved every old fashion bite~
cobb salad
chopped romaine lettuce
hard boiled eggs
blue cheese
avocado (I had goo)
bacon bits
chicken ( I had ham)
red onions
cobb dressing ala brown derby
I never follow directions, I just make things for my taste buds,
but the traditional ingredients are...
red wine vinegar
lemon juice
sugar (I used honey)
Worcestershire sauce

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

early morning walk~

every morning I rush out, camera in hand, to visit all my bearded iris opening daily. I take 3-400 pics daily, yes, I LOVE IRIS! and roses too, and just about anything else that is pretty and catches my eye! as the sun rises there is just a brief time when the apple tree blossoms drape over the kitchen garden planter...

I collect bearded iris, I used to have 1200 named varieties at my old house, so far I have over 400 here, its like greeting old friends as they unfurl in the morning light...

my favorite thing is to have a large block of color, the goal is to have 16-20 plants per rectangle of the same name, it makes for a very showy spring! right now I am just starting to build stock, I buy one and wait for them to multiply as I ever expand my garden, free plants, whats not to love!

wherever I go outside, Katie is always nearby watching me...

every year this bird comes to nest in spring in the exact same area. when I say I nest, I have no idea what I am talking about, I don't even know the name of this bird, they remind me of sandpipers on the beach. they must lay their eggs on the ground, perhaps even on the gravel driveway. today this one rushed me from 30' away and came within 5' of me, it was flopping and acting injured, trying to lure me away from its nest on the ground, either on the road, or the freshly mowed pasture, while its mate was 50' away. Katie and I stood there quietly snapping its picture, mesmerized with its bravery. If anyone can tell me about this birds habits I would like to try and make their lives easier, I told my husband to avoid those few acres until we figure out exactly where and what they are protecting!