Tuesday, August 6, 2019


My inner circle is breaking, 15 years ago I found three litters of kittens three weeks old on my property, I bottle fed and raised them all, sadly time and age is weighing heavy these days. The cats were feral, I was only able to tame half of them, those were the ones that sought me out for more than food and shelter, they craved my love and attention, my inner circle...
I lost one of my fab five a few months ago, I still miss her dearly, losing Sadie is starting to cut deep. I have a regular crew that spends their time with me, losing their presence these days is starting to haunt me, and the future will only bring more heartache. As hard as it is to lose them, I am glad we were able to love and care for them over the years, I always thought Sadie would live into her twenties, Siamese have such long life spans, but cancer had other plans for her...

We love you Sadie lady, we will miss you dear sader lederhosen

Thursday, July 18, 2019

garden chronicles, bearded iris collection 2019

its that time of year again, I just finished dividing my new iris collection and I am looking forward to shopping a couple of iris sales in the next few weeks to keep adding new names and beauty for next spring. to make things handy for me, I keep my list online, this way I can quickly glance from anywhere to see if I already own it and to move on to something new to purchase!

 my iris garden was only supposed to be temporary in its location, but I must say I loved seeing them so much that I ended up doubling the size! not sure what will happen once we do our final landscaping with the addition of a pool in the years to come, but for now I adore seeing them line the backyard...

after the storm
alien mist
alladins wish
amethyst winter
apollo one
arc de triumph
arctic burst
artistic web
ascent of angels
autumn harbor
babys bum
banana cream pie
battle royal
beautiful friendship
belle de provence
beyond borders
bingo bango bongo
blueberry parfait
bold as love
bottle rocket
brilliant idea
cabot cove
calling card
camelot rose
cameo kiss
cameo wine
can't touch this
candy rock
capricious candles
captains choice
captains joy
carnival carousel
celebration song
century bound
chaising rainbows
champage elegance
changing seasons
city lights
cofee malt
coffee whispers
color strikes
come go with me
comic opera
coral chalice
coral point
country dance
crowned heads
crystal glitters
cupids arrow
dakotah tyrene
dance hall dandy
dancing on air
dangerous mood
dantes inferno
dawn of change
dear jean
deep dark secret
desert canyon
dewus whatic
discovered treasure
diva do
dream of you
dream ticket
duncans smiling eyes
eagle landing
easter candy
easter wonder
echo de france
ecstatic echo
edge of glory
edith wolford
elegance in blue
elegant girl
end game
english charm
everything plus
fancy fellow
fatal attraction
fiery flow
fiery temper
final episode
finial hill right side
flash of light
florentine silk
fondation van gogh
french cancan
french lavender
fringe benefits
gift of dreams
ginger ice
glacier point
glistening icicle
glowing smile
gnus blues
good looking
great gatsby
guilt edge bond
haunted heart
haute les voiles
heartstring strummer
heaven and earth
hello darkness
high chaparral
high school honey
hippo tutuz
historic unknown blue
hobo heaven
hony tonk blues
horned rosie red
howdy do
ice flight
indian chief
infernal fire
java charm
jessies song
joyce terry
juke box hero
jurassic park
kathy chilton
kentucky coal
kevins theme
kissed by the sun
kool bres
lacy linda
lady fire
larry gautlet
late hours
lavender icicle
leaps and bounds
lena baker
let evening come
lets fly
like everything plus
live music
local color
lotus land
loving you
lullaby of spring
marcy michelle
mardi gras music
mary frances
matt mcnames
melted butter
merry madrigal
miles ahead
misty lady
money in your pocket
montys sweet blue
moonlit sea
mother earth
murray memorial
my friend jonathon
natural blonde
natural charm
naughty nights
navajo jewel
nestucca rapids
new color
new face
no count blues
ocean clouds
oh say canuc
okapi poppy
opposing forces
orange titan
over alaska
padded shoulders
pagan goddess
painted lady lavender
paprika fono's
partys over
passing cloud
passion play
peach jam
pearls in autumn
peggy anne
peggy sue
perfect couple
pharoahs spirit
pink charm
play to win
pleasant surprise
plum fun
po no mo
poem of ecstacy
pond lily
power point
Prairie splendor
queen in calico
queens circle
queens lower right?
raging tiger
rare find
redneck girl
rip city
rippling river
role model
round of applause
royal crusaders
royal sterling
royal warrant
salzburg echo
schoolboy heart
scottish warrior
secret rites
september replay
serena louisa
shadow caper
shadow warriors
sierra blue
silk roads
silken trim
skating party
sky and sun
smoke and thunder
smoldering fire
snow creek falls
snowed in
solar fire
sordid lives
spiced custard
splatter matters
stairway to heaven
stepping out
strange brew
subtle beauty...
swedish delight ?
sweet musette
swing velvet
t rex
tango amigo
terra rosa
test pattern
thunder echo
tidal raves
tiger honey
toucan tango
tranquil sunshine
triple whammy
twilight serenade
twist of fate
twist of sheree
unknown antique pink
unknown giant purple
unknown nancy ann
up in flames
whispering falls
white hot
williamette mist
wings of peace
wintry sky
wishful thinking
wonderful to see
world premier
yaquina blue
yellow spoons
zin city

Friday, July 12, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019

garden walk~

we have had gorgeous weather the last month, perfect temps for gardening, but today the heat is crawling back up for the weekend, instead of slaving away in the garden as I do everyday by 6am for ten hour days, today I just strolled, well after I hand watered hundreds of plants still in need of sprinklers, planted iris and spread ten yards of mulch...
its rare I have time to take pics, I think of it everyday when I see sensational roses exploding with colors, perennials I transplanted from our old house finally flowering freely at the new house, there is so much beauty on an hourly basis, but I am still in work mode, I have loads to do daily to bring this garden to fruition for the years to come. one day I will just be carefree with basket and snippers in hand, but those days aren't here yet for me! it was just a quiet joy to snap some garden pics today, before I relished the coolness the house affords me as the days scald on.
one of my favorite things to do is to swing by the orchard for a snack, I had been eating blueberries for a month, until the deer discovered them and wiped me out. I finally striped all the apricots, nothing better then eating warm sweet fruit in the sun! I am wild over nectarines, this is the first house we have owned where they excel, arctic is bright red with ultra sweet white flesh, I eat a half a dozen a day, sticky from head to toe slurping them down while I work outside.
I have 6 varieties of apples, I will have hundreds to bake with this summer!
you can spy Katie patiently waiting for me stop eating and get on with our garden day...
my entry is planted in blue, yellow and white plants only
while planting this morning I look up to see my neighbors kids in the tree, there were at least 6 of them, they butted heads and leapt out off 6' high branches. they may look cute but living with goats is a nightmare, the babies scream like kids, they must have at least forty of them, the parents are off working, meaning its a real daycare, and not what I signed up for! they have hundreds of acres to roam, they choose to live right on the property line surrounding of our house, not a good thing if you relish peace and quiet...
the rose garden still needs lots of work, I am hand watering 100s of bushes a day, which means I am very intimate with all the beauty! I can't begin to tell you how divine the air smells! from a distance you get wafts of warm English roses when you pass by on the tractor, even my husband, who is not a visual person at all commented how beautiful the garden was!