Saturday, January 15, 2022

in the greenhouse~

we are still steadily working on the greenhouse, ok, my husband is! right now it is coming down to time the consuming details, the finish work on the interior, adding a sink and water, and all the window and tile trim. we have yet to touch the exterior. i am so eager to start my seedlings, but my husband was putting siding on right where i needed to work so i took the opportunity to just play on the other side. i gathered the very wee bits of color i could find in todays garden and spread the joy...

my evergreen pears are bursting into full bloom!

my reblooming iris survived 2 snow storms and kept right on blooming

i have dedicated a wee portion of my hutch to dog treats...

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

in the grand scheme...

starting at dawn, the sky is vibrant looking east to the snow capped sierras...

mid day the fog rolls below in the valley, billowing enough to look like a fire.

looking to the west, you can see the sutter buttes silhouetted against the unusual snow covered coastal range

the sunset takes on a fiery glow

the fog is hiding the sutter buttes