Thursday, June 3, 2021

big day for rosie~

today was rosies first day at the beach, because of covid she has not been socialized and her problems are showing! she needs to see and meet other dogs and people, what is better than a dog friendly beach! 

because of bad behavior she could not roam free like her sister, who was raised on this beach since she was 8 weeks old, we have to take it slowly... the beach was empty and we let her run wild with her sister in a private cove, but its the other interactions we need to deal with...

there is nothing i love more than seeing dogs running wild!

on the way back we ran into clare, a gentle giant of a great dane, rosie was leashed and terrified, trying to hid between our legs. it was all very gentle and at least she didn't bark, all we can do is baby steps... and keep returning until she is comfortable to run and play her days away with others!



  1. It takes time. I am glad you are able to get her out and acclimated. Such wonderful photos. I can't get over how quickly she has grown.

  2. Doggy bliss! Such great action shots! I was just reading about how our pets are having separation anxiety now that we're resuming our normal routines...that includes our two! ♥