Friday, April 30, 2021

a special walk...

 in gods garden~

a rock garden!

with water, water everywhere!

it was a special day for us on many levels, our first taste of freedom since the pandemics start, and, rosies first public appearance and use of a leash! on a whole it was a success, her sister is a great guide, but there were hiccups... fortunately she survived a harrowing experience on a foot bridge when another dog tried to attack her and she whole heartedly tried to fight back with her hind legs falling off the bridge with the rushing river below her and me struggling to right her! i learned she is no shrinking violet and needs loads of dog and people socialization going forward, and NO FOOTBRIDGES!

we snuck them off the path for a cool down, it was rosies first taste of wild water and she looked like she was hunting beavers, katie knew how to relax fast!

i wanted one of those picture perfect shots of the girls with the waterfall in the background... not going to happen on her first day in public ever with people everywhere! thank heavens no one tried to pet rosie, i think she was in sensory overload as is, plus she looks like a full grown dog but she in only 5 months old!

it was a gorgeous day in the park, 80 plus degrees, its been 20 plus years since we last visited, times have changed, its so crowded its hard to find a place to park, decades ago you could park and sit on the grass and spy the climbers on el Capitan, the granite monolith that shoots straight up 3000'. we pulled over and i could see a couple dozen working their ways straight up, i have read many books on climbing, the fact that some free climb this makes my bones shiver! i could hear the yelling to each other from the road, i miss the old days when the park felt more inviting to come and sit a spell, but we had dogs and a long ride home, it was a successful day for all!