Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

todays walks~

flora greets the sunrise in her new home

Monday, May 29, 2023

Flora comes home~

Flora has been a very special member of our family for over 30 years and today we welcomed her to her new home. My husband surprised me with Flora early in our marriage, he said he had an accident and dented the truck, come outside and look, inside Flora was laying in the truck bed, I was ecstatic! I named her Flora, short for the beautiful floribunda roses that festooned her.

Our old house was on a steep hill, she was centered to the house with a gorgeous view behind her in all seasons...

Sadly, several years ago, our old house burned to the ground, along with 1200 other homes, including Flora. My husband recovered her charred body and I began to restain her for our new house. She was black, cracked and very fragile, we put her in a very unobtrusive location...

Today, Flora was brought into the main fold of the new white garden I am planting in our backyard. I waited 5 years to plant the backyard, waiting for the completion of our pool installation.

She is so fragile, with many cracks, we weren't sure if we could move her safely into a prominent new garden location... 

My husband carefully winched her 800 pound body onto her new pedestal.

After my husbands hard work she settled into her new permanent location...

The backyard border is to be an all white garden, I look forward to planting her lovingly back into the full fold our garden life again!

Welcome back Flora, you make our house a home!