Friday, April 19, 2024

welcome Tammie!

Fun times in the garden, the other day I met Tammie from Instagram who just so happens to be crazy for iris! With a welcome iris lunch with my good friend Linda we all spent the day in the iris garden. 

Thank you Tammie for my darling notebook and delicious chocolates!

Off to enjoy the garden, please note Tammie's signature hand pose!

It was wonderful visiting with another iris addict, I sent her home with a couple of iris to grow in her home state of Utah. Here she is enjoying a few cut flowers at her hotel in Napa with her husband.

The next day they visited Muir woods in Mill Valley and she shared these beautiful photos~

 It truly was delightful all of getting together and gathering in the garden, thanks so much for the spur of the moment visit I so enjoyed our day together!