Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

first day of spring in the garden

its been a very wet winter, no doubt we needed it, but its still raining on the first day of spring, and more expected through the next two weeks... thankfully California is out of a 7 year drought, but I do miss all my gardening time! knowing that rain was due today I snapped a few garden pics yesterday, being a new garden I have little to show in the way of color, our first year I put in hundreds of trees, right now I am working on the rose garden with hopes of gorgeous spring color, fingers crossed we get the deer fencing in before the furry ones destroy the first flush of roses.
strolling the garden yesterday I am instantly drawn to my daffodils, I planted a 1000, on acreage it is like a teaspoon in a sand dune, but I am always casting my eye at this fools gold! the fruit trees are awakening, plums, nectarines and almonds heading into full bloom, the magnolias stand out from afar, the fringe flower is in full fringe, 2 iris brighten the horizon.

the rose garden has been held up while waiting for mulch, I am begging for wood chips, being such a wet winter I have had zero luck, the other day I approached a neighbor a mile away with piles and piles of woodchips, she was kind enough to let us haul away all we wanted. this last weekend we ferried home 40 yards, its a hefty dent for the rose garden, enough that we will be able to fence 3/4 of the garden off, with any luck I can find another 50 yards and get this rose garden fully planted and protected. while collecting mulch she introduced me to her turkey Wilbur and sent me home with fresh eggs from her hen house.

Monday, March 4, 2019

a rainy walk...

it has been an exceptional wet California winter, I can't recall the last time the sun has made a 24 hour appearance. it has stopped all gardening endeavors, with more still on the horizon all this week, yes, the drought is officially over! between downpours I try to scout some color, the nandina berries have been feeding the birds all winter, their bright red color is a welcome splash of constant color...
the camellia bushes have been almost beaten flat to the ground, I tied them up to enjoy their brilliant faces~

the almond and flowering plum trees are trying to bloom, but they are constantly beaten back...

one lone iris tries to shine...

feeling more like the pacific northwest than California, I think its been since the late 80s that is has rained for so long and so steady!