Monday, January 17, 2022

green house weekend update~

the green house interior is so close to completion i can almost taste it! we are missing a window, not due in until feburary, 90% of the interior window trim was installed today, i will be painting tomorrow, and lastly we just need to finish the sink, floor drain and 2 faucets. the greenhouse is already in use despite all the construction surrounding it!

for the main greenhouse table we used 2' tiles.

scott installed all the metal siding, crawling under tabletops and tight places. i wanted the metal siding to slough off the garden hose i adore using! all the tables were trimmed in palette wood from our many paver projects. i love the rustic look.

i am using my old fruit crates to hold garden supplies i use frequently.

of course i have a personal interest in the label artwork ...

scott worked to hard on my spur of the moment design ideas, i wanted a corner for soil and amendments. 

the metal tub holds supersoil and the cans each hold pearlite and peat moss

i am eager to start planting for summer!

scott installing all the window trim and potting shelves. 

my first recording in the greenhouse, considerably warmer than outdoors!

mixing my favorite mix for cuttings

a quick trip to the garden, i return with rose cuttings in hand. 

day two its starting to get uncomfortable, it was 61 degrees outside!

i had rooted my brugmansia in my kitchen, they should thrive in these warm temps!

meanwhile, scott was off in the shop welding my sink stand, he kindly texted me his photo updates. 

he placed it in the evening and sent me a sneak preview for the next day

i couldn't be any happier to have a large, deep holding sink in the greehouse!

i love the clean lines of the pipe fittings, i tried to have the least amount of wood to curtail rotting in a such a wet environment. 

this area is called frog holler, after hearing them below in the canal steps away from the greenhouse. i have always loved frogs... 

we still need to add two faucets, but they are already happy engaging with each other. 

preparing for the floor drain, i took the tractor and gouged out an exit pathway, the minute i stepped back in the greenhouse i noticed rosie decided to dig a little more for me...

so excited for the continued work in progress, I adore my greenhouse!


  1. Jain, your greenhouse is amazing! I can hear the excitement in your commentary and you thought of everything that was needed! Happy gardening!

  2. This is stunning. Your tile table is simply fabulous along with the entire greenhouse.

  3. Wow! I adore your greenhouse too! So many beautiful elements and such work went into your new space! Love all the accessories and the hutch is so pretty! So happy for you!! I can't wait until Spring!!

    1. thanks sonia, its been a long time coming and i am enjoying every single minute getting it to the finish line!

  4. All your plans are coming to fruition. I love the hutch and all the little special touches you have added. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, you know how long I have waited for this 😍

  5. Oh my goodness, I love every single thing!! What a magical place, the perfect combination of practical and beautiful. Your big table in the center makes it the place to entertain, or do a million craft projects. You.ve designed an absolutely wonderful greenhouse. Xo Lidy

  6. This is so fantastic and makes my gardening heart happy to see! I sound like a broken record but can't get over how much you've accomplished and how handy Scott is! I adore your tub and stand he welded for your sink area and have always loved your fruit crates and labels your created from back in the day. Of course I love your digging companion too. Plant.Grow.Bloom! ♥