Saturday, May 29, 2021

frog holler~

Our last house had frog hill, fortunately we had moved 2 of the frog benches here before the fire consumed our house last summer, but we were able to salvage the last bench to reunite the gang. I named this section of our garden frog holler because of the bull frogs bellowing in the canal.

This area is still under construction, but frog holler border is thriving these days.

California buckeye 2
Purple buddeleia
Dark knight buddeleia
lavender crepe myrtle
Harlequin buddleia
purple fountain beech
jazzy jewel Andorra juniper
gold juniper 2
Mulu juniper?
Black lace sambuccus
baileys acacia
nigra magnolia
Korean lilac miss kim 5
eastern redbud 3
Blood leaf Japanese maple
neon pink bottlebrush
Dwarf bottle brush callistemon citrus jeffsersii pink
western redbud 3
Vitex pink
snowball 11
Lilac standard blue
black diamond purely purple crepe myrtle 2
Orange rocket berberis
Lilac standard pink
black lace sambucca
Abelia Edward gaucher 6
wine and roses weigela
redwoods 6
Smoke tree royal purple 2
wine and roses weigela
Pink daisy
Peppermint lace crepe myrtle 2
Pink watsonia 2
Nine Bark
black walnut
baileys acacia
coffee cake persimmon
hychiya persimmon

....the peonies...

Edulis superba 2
karl rosenfeld
Sarah bernhardt 2
Margaret Truman 
karl rosenfeld
sorbet 2
Karl rosenfeld 2
Blitz Torte
Black beauty 2
(Duchess de Nemours 2)
Mons Jules elie  5
Shirley temple 3
Sorbet 3
Kansas 3
Bowl of beauty 3
Krinkled white 2
Dr Alex Fleming 3
Festiva maxima
Emile debatene 3
Do tell
Lady liberty
Gay paree
Petite renee
Lemon dream
Coral charm
Pink Hawaiian coral
Coral sunset
Sorbet 3


  1. Those frog benches are adorable!

  2. Love those frogs! I sound like a broken record but i can't believe how much you have planted in such a short time! You could sell ticket for tours :)