Thursday, May 6, 2021

a rosey morning~

and i don't mean my rosie! today the lovely L's stopped by for some rose fun from food to flowers galore

Even the ice cubes were frozen rose hearts served with a rose infused ice tea.

For those of you that follow escape to the chateau, this pillow came from her European collection 😊

a raspberry rose pavlova was perfectly fitting for a sweet rose filled morning

The special guest, straight from her many world famous travels, miss Lola, the traveling tote!

She could be found resting in the arbor....

While her mother embraced a huge bouquet

Not to be outdone, miss Lola stuffed herself with a rainbow of scents and colors...

There they are, swinging their way past the tuteur

With all the double L's travels I hope they enjoyed staying close to home for some rosey moments!



  1. Jain, I cannot possibly thank you enough for a beautiful day. The company, the food, tea and those glorious roses. We laughed and cut roses. We posed miss Lola and myself all around your gorgeous rose garden. You are so kind to let me play in your gardens. I am loving the cut roses I brought home.

  2. How Can a person see the collection of pillows? Any store name or link?

  3. How gorgeous everything is Jain! I know you & Linda with Miss Lola had a fabulous time, the raspberry rose pavlova is a definite show stopper, what a fabulous place to sit and enjoy!

  4. Jain, I would have been honored to be in the company of the two L's and all those beautiful roses. The tea looked fabulous. I'm so glad all you girls had a glorious day. I am a big fan of Escape to Chateau and I saw that wallpaper she had made. It is one of my most favorite shows and I will check out the website..xxoJudy

  5. Oh what fun! I'm green with envy, what beautiful and delicious fun you and Linda had! AND to be in the company of those gorgeous roses and to cut some too. That last photo of Linda is too cute. ♥