Monday, February 10, 2014

puppy love...9 weeks

i have not had an 9 week old puppy since i was 16... it is daunting! there is NOTHING i can do, i have to watch her every single second, she is wild and dangerous! she is so young i am shocked at her no fear, as in electrical cords in her mouth, rocks, sticks, poisonous plants, library books, cement, tile, carpet, grass, dirt, i expected shoes, not the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! i can't even walk without my pants/shoes/toes being part of the food chain...

cassie is improving with her, this morning she shared her dog bed, only becasue i was bribing her with cookies not to kill her. on the walks she lingers around her a little more. i tried so hard to get them both side by side looking at me with the sea in the background, no such luck, but i know this too will pass. she befriended my next door neighbors bijon, they are the same height, katie is thrilled with the extra company on our walks~

since i have ZERO time to myself, i am pretty much planning on sharing katie pics until i regain some freedom. oh and they are crummy pics, it hard to catch a bullet action... i have so many blank pics, my camera can't click fast enough to even get a blur go by!