Monday, February 17, 2014

first grown up walk, 10 weeks~

living on acreage katie had not been "properly" walked before, lucky for me, she comes to her name in great racing strides. coming to the beach i knew i would have to rein her in as soon as she was big enough to fit in a harness. she has been walking leash free with me on our normal dog walk, but today, on her 10th week celebration she had her first official walk. we took her up the coast to a favorite beach trail, i thought the narrowness would sort of force her to figure it out.

when we arrived i had to drag her like a rag doll from the parking lot... not a clue how to move, she was hanging upside down chewing the leash, it looked like a lynching. oh joy, our day was shot... i picked her up and put her next to cassie, also leashed, BINGO, she got it, from then on she was trotting to keep up the entire time, ADORABLE! by the time we hit the boardwalk she was an expert~

everyday cassie is getting more tolerant...

we headed inland to look at some land, was thrilled to see her free again, i confess i hate seeing her in a harness, but at least i know we can walk her safely when need be~

i was thrilled cassie didn't kill her this close with food and water~

love this shot of my family walking down the road of a piece of property i would love to own one day~