Wednesday, February 5, 2014

little dog...

big world, meeting our hill~

her first night home coming down our very steep driveway she tripped and started to roll, the next morn i wanted to show her our land. here she is timidly working her way down, she is afraid of steps, only 8 weeks old and tiny, they look like everest and she looks like a snowball heading to @*!! when she trips...

cassie is not happy with our newest addition... cassie was the 3rd dog down in our pack totem pole, very timid. with the passing of maggie she has been frightened by everything, i couldn't even get her to go out in her own yard, when normally it was a mad dash to the door with toes and tails flying. she growled at me for the first time ever when i tried to get her to go out... she is just a mess without her pack to relie on.

i KNOW she needed another dog, but i knew an adult would be too intimidating for her, so i had to get a puppy, something she can work up her confidence with. she has been growling at katie, running and keeping her distance.

poor katie came from a working ranch, a litter of 10 with other adult dogs always around her. she is dying to play... katie hasn't even been here 48 hours, but i am trying to catch the moment when cassie accepts her, meanwhile, katie is wild over the only other dog in sight. this is their first encounter outside, with the scent of a new dog in the house cassie is instantly running to the door to go out again, thank heavens!

cassie took off on her own, but circled back to see where we were, katie dashed over to meet her, only to have cassie quickly jump out of her reach, she can't even manage one stair, but she wanted to follow her so badly...

she never took her eyes off of cassie~

ok, maybe she looked at me once or twice ;-)

here she is trying her darndest to get cassie to play...

she was greeted with a stone wall~

no success today, but she learned to walk up most stairs...

and instead of eating my library book she decided to play jaws outdoors for a pleasant change for her mama...

i know i should enjoy these days when i have katie all to myself, if my hunch is right i will become the 3rd wheel when these 2 become best friends, they will be running wildly all over this land and scaring me in their absence, its a fine line between ignoring and fully embracing and for now i am loving my all important role~


  1. How adorable! Enjoy that sweet puppy!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Katie is sooo cute and a perfect match for beautiful Cassie. I love how she is already looking to Cassie to show her the ropes of living at a new place. They will become wonderful friends. Congratulations!

  3. I am so happy you got another dog. I have to say I am not really a dog person, but Katie is pretty darn cute.

    I notice that Mari has not posted since her dog was sick. I hope she is okay. Also, Michael's little dog is sick. So sad.

  4. Oh so cute, who could resist that face? I would get absolutely nothing done. Hopefully Cassie will adjust sooner rather than later. Love the adorable photos ♥

    We all went in and got my MIL a puppy for Christmas, one that she approved of. The best thing we could have done after my FIL passed away, so much company and a reason to get up in the mornings and something to look after. She said she hasn't stopped smiling since :)