Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the novel bakers interrupt apple week...

to wish our illustrious author michael lee west a HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY!

fall is the perfect time to pick a crate load of talent, but frankly, this is a harvest of lifetime...

not only do i want to wish you a very happy birthday, but i want to thank you for years, no decades, of enjoyment. wouldn't it be wonderful to sit at a harvest table and share her stories...

i was pouring over her recipes in consuming passions, i love the joy cooking and baking represents in your family life. i went a with caramel spice cake~

turning 60 may sting just a little...

but hey, whats the alternative... TO NOT EAT CAKE?!

wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we all look forward to the fruits of your labors in the years to come~


  1. Sheer delight as I scroll through each tribute to the works of Michael Lee. Well done, Jain!
    Consuming Passion is not on my shelf. I'm going to remedy that asap. Beautiful imagery befitting my favorite southern author. Happy Birthday, Michael Lee!

  2. That was loads of FUN! LOVE the caramel spice cake with the birthday banner! The tribute to all her books, especially the squirrels & nuts with Crazy Ladies :) You even make a yellow jacket pit stop a blog worthy moment! That glorious view, what a spot for a birthday celebration! Thanks for organizing the fun and many Happy Birthday Wishes to the talented Michael Lee West! I'm coming back to pull up a chair and for a slice of cake after I make the birthday rounds~

  3. What a great tribute. You really know how to throw a party!

    Happy birthday to Michael Lee.

  4. What a super birthday celebration for a great lady! The queen of southern novels will be thrilled to see this post!

  5. Great pics Jain and what a beautiful setting! Lovin' your birthday banner on the cake too:@)
    PS-This is the first time I've seen the cover of the new Teeny book-cute!

  6. Jain, This is a fabulous tribute and retrospective of Michael Lee's works. I see a few books I must add to my collection. And that cake looks luscious. The little clothesline banner is such a wonderful addition and of course I just love the plates. I hope Michael Lee has a wonderful day. Linda

  7. Absolutely wonderful! Everything is so beautiful. What a grand tribute. Loved the crate of 60 year harvest surrounded by pepper berry. The colors in your photos are absolutely gorgeous and that cake...oh, be still my heart!

  8. oh I love your Harvest of a lifetime! I have only read 3 of her books, I have to get caught up! I love the cake with the banner on sticks! I'm with you, eat cake and celebrate! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Your plates are amazing also :)
    Thanks so much for including me in MLW's special day. Happy Birthday Michael Lee!

  9. Oh Jain...this is such a fitting tribute to ML's talents & inspirations!
    LOVE the crate containing all of her books & your harvest table is GORGEOUS with all its autumn colors!

    How clever to add the eggs & butter on top of the book & the squirrel with the nuts...I always love how you think of things like that.

    Your caramel spice cake looks & sounds divine...even the bees couldn't resist! LOL

    Yes, wouldn't it be nice if we could all get together to celebrate in person with her.

    Thanks for all the work you did to make this virtual party happen & for inviting me to be a part of it.


  10. What a lovely tribute to our friend for her special birthday bash! Happy Birthday, Michael Lee! xo

  11. My husband's relentless snoring kept waking me up last night, and I dreamed that he was chopping down apple trees. And it's Apple Week. The treachery! When I awoke, I saw your comment and email. Knock me over with a feather. Child, you can keep a secret. If you hear that tap-tap sound, it's not Will's snoring, it's my happy tears hitting the keyboard. Your photos have always entranced and delighted me and my family, but these are particularly dear. The best birf'dy present ever. I adore the nuts on the cover of Crazy Ladies and the little fur fluff in the background--you captured the essence of those characters. Love the mermaid and driftwood beside MITB. Pomegranates and a map of Bulgaria for the vamps. Butter and a whisk for CP. A red velvet cupcake for Teeny. Iced tea for the Mad Girls.
    A caramel spice cake with a gorgeous banner. I'm bowled over. More tears. And beneath that sound, you'll hear applause. Gussie and Queenie are clapping. So are Bitsy, Violet, Wild Dorothy, Honora, Vangie, the McBroom sisters, and Red Butler Hill. Just look at all the time and care that went into this photo extravaganza! Thank you SO much for bringing all the girls together today and for bringing my books to life. xxoo

  12. What a sweet gesture! Happy Birthday, Michael!...Christine

  13. Jain, I love this post...so much creativity and so well thought out! I know Michael won't soon forget this birthday! :) Thanks to everyone who contributed...beautiful celebration!

  14. I'm smiling all the way through your post. What a special creative tribute. I know the birthday surprise for Michael will long be remembered. You are part of a talented group of ladies.

    I especially love how you went with the yellow jacket landing on your beautiful cake that looks so delicious.I also love the crate with the 60 years of Harvest containing all her books. Neat idea!

  15. I want you to bake my birthday cake...wow! Happy birthday wishes to Michael Lee!

  16. How funny! I visited you first this morning but got so excited about getting everybody's URLs that I didn't leave a comment! Your post is gorgeous! Glad I came back to fix my mistake. You did such a lovely job for the tribute with the books and the different foods. You are amazing! I agree, one of my favorites was your crate with 60 years of Harvest too! Glad I got to participate! Happy birthday Michael Lee. She makes 60 look fabulous!