Sunday, October 20, 2013

apples of our eyes~

i hope you have enjoyed our apple week, i am sure you have noticed there are so many varieties to enjoy...

but for me, there is one special apple that stands out, the locally grown gravenstein. what does one do with 40 pounds of fresh apples, well they make the quintessential apple pie of course... after they take gobs of colorful pics because each apple is special and unique~

apple pie

pie crust
fresh ginger
brown sugar

bake at 350 until golden

a trick i tried on this pie was to precook the filling, i must have used 5 pounds of apples, the pie was HUGE, so often when you bake them they collapse, but precooked i had a mile high pie!

wishing you all a happy apple a day to keep the winter blues away and thanks for visiting the novel bakers during apple week, we hope you enjoyed your visits with us all~