Tuesday, August 9, 2022

construction updates~

we are extremely busy on the property these days...

we did half the new pathways, flowers beds and blocks in the lions garden.

still need to raise the planter higher, but first we need to make sure we have enough blocks to finish the 3 new raised beds.

3/4 ths of the lions share of the garden is done, just the last 25% and my garden will be officially done.

while we toil in the garden they are finally busy working on what they are calling a difficult pool, aka the infinity hot tub...

we are struggling to keep up with the supplies, calling for things daily to keep the pavers moving, from gravel, to fill dirt, to sand and topsoil we are rifling through them all at warp speed.

todays new patio under the shady oak...

and finally to break up all this manual labor, time for a bit of color to brighten the mood~

and the temps have dropped into the 90s with high clouds creating gorgeous vistas from dusk...

to dawn~


  1. Gorgeous views from your property! I wonder if you'll ever truly be finished with your garden. :) All that hardscape is backbreaking work but will be so worth it. I know you must be dreaming of the day you'll be soaking in your hot tub!

  2. The view alone would make getting into the hot tub a relaxing rest from the world and all of it's cares. Looking out unto the beautiful of God's work of art.

  3. I agree with Mary & Anonymous!!! Rock On - what difficult, yet rewarding work. Thank you for sharing.