Thursday, April 22, 2021

clematis love...

At my old home I only grew one clematis, why I will never know, at the new house I purchased two dozen and I could not be any more excited than a child on Christmas morning! I race around my garden all day as the fat buds unfurl, snapping pictures in the dawn light, splashed wet, full sunshine, setting sunlight, I just marvel at them all day long!


  1. So gorgeous...that last one though is my favorite! What variety? We have a frost warning this morning with temps in the 30s after days of 70 - 80 degrees. I put a ladder covered with a sheet over one of mine with big fat buds. Fingers crossed it kept the buds safe.

    1. I bet they will be fine! They have the spindliest vines though, a good sneeze and I think they will snap! the last one is multi blue, I love the raised and layered center ❤

  2. There is such beauty in this world and you only have to go out your front door to see most of it. Thanks so much for sharing it all with us..Stay well..xxoJudy