Thursday, December 17, 2020

Garden chronicles, the lion's share

 We have been steadily working on our property since we bought a couple of years ago, today I started to plant my last garden, officially called the lion's share. The names is two fold, this will be the lion's share of my garden, a mix of shrubs, annuals and perennials, in a large rectangle, plus it will be a homage to my old garden that burned in the massive California wildfires. We were able to salvage 4 lion statues, one lion split in half in the flames, but we will repair it on its new perch, it may be tattered and worse for wear, but I love that they will be able to continue on with their legacy in our new garden. We also retrieved a lion fountain, it is cracked and not holding water, but I am hopeful for its future.

on my birthday we went to my favorite statuary store, i picked out 2 pieces for the main entrance to the 70' by 100' garden. not satisfied to stop there, i begged to hit the nursery to pick up 4 red crepe myrtles for the top boundary of the garden. we officially started to plant my garden on december 17th, from nothing, our new garden springs upward...

with the entrance in place, next it was time to start moving fill dirt to level and smooth the entrances 8' wide walkways to come. it doesn't look like much happened, but it was at least ten yards, many more transfer loads will be used to smooth out the balance of the garden...

i have great plans for this garden, i am so excited to jump right in! we are working from the top down, this main side entrance will be a 100' long raised bed filled with dahlias for a gorgeous summer bounty!


  1. Your vision and energy is always amazing. You never seem to get sidelined by issues. You just keep moving forward. Looking forward to seeing what will become of the lions share garden.

    1. Thank you, its fun putting in my new last garden! I'm older now and have to try and temper myself, I worry if I will be able to tend my garden when 80...