Saturday, December 19, 2020

an early christmas for us~

i adore border collies, i have had a dozen in my lifetime, with cassie aging, and losing interest in being outdoors, i wanted katie to have a young friend to run with... and then came the pandemic. it has been very difficult to find any, i have been looking for many months in a 500 mile radius. i believe in rescue dogs, but any cute dog has long been rescued, and i wanted a puppy to make sure it was raised with our cats, fortunately an add popped up on craiglist with an accidental border collie litter and within in hours we had this adorable little girl.

introductions have been minimal...

she spent the day exploring the rose garden with me...

...drum roll please...

meet rosie!

i always have garden projects, with heavy dangerous equipment nearby, she was in doggie day care when i wasn't showing her my many roses.

 it was a great day for all, welcome home rosie!


  1. What a sweetie!

    Is that a Lambchop dolly?

    1. Yes and she loves it, you know they love to herd 😉

  2. OMG she is so darling. Hope the hardest thing she has to adjust to is rose thorns! Who wouldn't love her?..Stay well..xxoJudy

  3. Rosie is the cutest puppy! She'll love being outdoors with you - enjoy!

  4. Oh em gee...SO CUTE!! I'm THRILLED for you! How do you stand the cuteness and get anything done? Such a wonderful Christmas present and so many darling photos!! I hope Maggie and Cassie are thrilled too! ♥