Monday, November 14, 2016

forest feast gatherings~

~the novel bakers present~
if this looks familiar, this is the brand new follow up book to erin gleesons first cookbook,
 the forest feast which we shared in 2014.
welcome back to the little house in the redwoods
where every gathering can be magical
once again, there is a feast of ideas to explore for every season,
from the ambience, to simple, easy to prepare dishes...
taking her cue, we headed off for our own little forest picnic...
california is known for being hot and dry, but along the coastal range your will find the cool moist towering redwoods of armstrong redwoods state natural reserve. i have been many times, but something about being a novel baker makes our picnic that much more special. home to the tallest and oldest trees, 310' and 1400 years old, walking this park always takes on the air of a cathedral. cool. serene. quiet. layers upon layers of green, it could not have been a better spot for a picnic in the forest. we hiked up a trail and dined by the sounds of running water...
whispering to each other under these towering giants we enjoyed our specially prepared meal for the day...
trust me when i say they were all mouthwatering! my very favorite was the galette, i have made many versions of this, but the addition of honey butter put this one over the top! my husband took one bite in our green paradise and declared it pure nectar... 
thank you for stopping by, wednesday we will be sharing one more day of forest feast gatherings,
be sure and stop by and visit


  1. Oh I knew you would take us along somewhere to feast! I love seeing your giant CA redwoods, I saw them once many years ago. All that lush forest scenery with the ferns and mossy growth...You gathered the best picnic recipes to feast on. The sweet potato chowder was intriguing to me with the coconut milk. The pear galette was SO good, we enjoyed it too! I adore all your photos styled with your wood slices and bowls with the lichen, logs and stumps. Can I say I covet your bird handled servers? Thanks for taking me along with you feasting, I'm looking forward to Wednesday :)

    Mary @ homeiswheretheboatis

    P.S. I’m having trouble commenting on some blogs lately, I keep getting an 400 error message. I’m hoping I can comment using OpenId

  2. What a lovely picnic! The setting is superb, and the menu looks quite enjoyable!

  3. how convenient to have such a beautiful forest nearby to feast and gather in Jain! This book looks divine, and I've already pinned the recipes you made, they look so fabulous, especially that galette! Your photos are gorgeous as always, thank you for all the eye candy and the visual feast!

  4. jain, Where can I even begin? With your glorious setting, or the gorgeous photos of the food you have prepared and assembled to make us drool. I have never been to the California woods but this destination is high on my list. Your photos and text make it seem so peaceful and magical, with the green canopy and the treasures along the way. I would be there all the time! And to take a picnic in ~~ well, you know I would be doing that too! Your food! Oh, the chowder makes be wish I could dig in with a spoon through the screen, and I thought of making the galette and am now glad I did not because yours is so amazingly beautiful and perfectly baked. My mouth is watering! I can't wait to see what you serve us on Wednesday. Linda

  5. Oh, Jain, talk about a magazine shoot!This could _be_ a magazine, or a cookbook. The forest picnic was part genius, part magic. I think I would have been whispering, too, beneath those majestic redwoods. Think of all they have heard, all they have witnessed. History, itself. As grand as the forest is, today it became a beautiful background for your feast, which is beyond all imagining in it's culinary skill. Your salad is a work of art, with the poms and nuts scattered--love the shape of the server, too. (When I was taking pictures, my husband came in from a football game and the next thing I knew, my salad had developed a crater, and Humpty Dumpty Dumpy couldn't put it back together. But he did love the salad, so there's that!) The soup is something I want to try, and this is the season for it. I thought your presentation was cookbook worthy. And I thought this before we got to the galette, which looks like it was made in a French bakery. Just beautiful. I adore your wooden slices. I am a little giddy about them, myself, and thought I'd lost them during the move, but they turned up. What I love best, though, is the way your food and photos tell a story. There's so much to savor here. You always inspire me to dust off my camera and shake out my apron and engage in the joy and magic that is life, and you do it in a way that is beautiful, creative, and life-affirming. Thank you for letting me play with you and the girls.

  6. What a feast for the eyes...your posts are always beautiful. These photos are especially colorful and so appealing. The salad and galette tart in those surroundings are wonderfully appetizing! A picnic on the moss covered floor in a redwood grove, pure perfection! Now I'm so missing Muir Woods and northern Cal. Thanks for this lovely presentation and taking us along.

  7. Wow! Truly a feast in the forest! I love all your wooden platters and they way you shot everything. Also, is this the Armstrong Woods in Sonoma Co? If so, I grew up nearby and love that place, how wonderful to see a feast there. Thank you so much for sharing and happy cooking! So glad to see you having fun with the book. -Erin Gleeson

  8. Erin Gleeson doesn't have anything up on you when it comes to setting magical settings. You are the master! It's great to see her comment, especially that she is a CA girl herself.
    So happy that the Novel Bakers are sharing this latest book. Your forest friend dishes are adorable and perfect for this theme. You and Mary always find the best things to create the mood of your posts. It's a rare talent.
    Beautiful spot. I want a picnic in the California woods.

  9. Beautiful and everything looks delicious. I'm trying to find a quick link to purchase the cookbook but it isn't happening.
    But I will purchase it.