Saturday, November 8, 2014

forest feast salads...

now that we have tried a few starters for the season, lets get a bit more serious with some fabulous fall salads, perfect additions to your thanksgiving menus~

how about something light and refreshing to kick off the meal...

or one off my all time favorite holiday combinations...

or a delightful twist for the season...

stop by and see what else you might find on the forest floor with...


  1. Oh your salads are so deliciously presented with your harvest of fresh ingredients! I loved the combination of flavors in the Butternut Caprese, we gobbled it up, I just hope I don't get demerits for adding a Southern twist ;) We love Butternut and it is wonderful for fall and served with this combo, especially presented with your leaves plates! I have yet to taste a persimmon but the color with the pomegranate and fresh cilantro is beautiful! I had a sneaking suspicion the orange and avocado salad would make its way to your CA table. Thanks for the feasting fun this morning, I already feel healthier :)

  2. Love the tutorial about cutting avocado rounds. My mouth is watering for the juxtaposition of tastes combining oranges, avocados, scallions and cilantro drizzled with olive oil.
    Beautiful leaves used for garnishing and the cutest leaf dishes.

    I have been captivated by persimmons this fall and wrote a lame post on them. Wish I had researched beautiful pics of the myriad ways of presenting them in food like you have displayed. I still haven't used them in cooking but the NB are shaming me. My post, link below,sounds more like a textbook. However, I enjoyed learning so much more about persimmons.


  3. beautiful Jain, the butternut caprese is a work of art~

  4. I'm so excited, I'm firing off a string of F-words: Fresh, fabulous, fun, fanciful! Gorgeous bounty and photographs--salads have never been more enticing. I love your turkey, the way you gather ingredients around pages in the book, and the many strokes of genius. You arranged the posts perfectly, starting with appetizers and drinks, then moving to salads. I'm looking forward to Friday. A confession: I was a pomegranate-persimmon-butternut squash virgin; but I'm making up for lost time (and taste). I have so enjoyed this book, and I'm a hopeless carnivore. The dishes even have Will rethinking his diet. Just a beautiful presentation, one that will inspire readers to get in the kitchen and cook! See you Friday. xxoo

  5. I am just adoring the looks of that beautiful persimmon salad. I have never eaten persimmon, but it looks so delicious and mouth-watering. Your whole post is so full of such wonderful colors and vibrancy. Your photos are so great I am actually wanting to eat something I've never tasted!

  6. Gorgeous salads! I love to serve avocado slices with citrus. I'm going to start cutting my avocado into rounds. Beautiful presentation. Just may do this for Thanksgiving or for dinner guests this weekend. Stunning!
    So happy that you are featuring this book. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.