Wednesday, June 7, 2023

the backyard installation~

Our backyard has been left virtually untouched for 5 years, while we waited for the pool installation last fall. Once the pool was finished in November I was ready to do our final garden project, the white garden and lawn surrounding the pool area. With the wettest winter and spring in 40 years we were off to a very slow start. Before the crew of 18 arrived we did some last minute irrigation to set up for the newly planted areas. 

Iceberg roses had been planted around the patio and walkways years ago, so at least there was a good hedge line of white greeting us daily. 

A new white bed was started behind the hedge line on the backside.

I should mention my husband and I do all the work on the property, we only hired the pool contractor, the rest has all been done by us. I decided I wanted to use faux grass by the pool, to cut down on the constant maintenance and to keep the pool clean of grass debris, I also wanted to be able to have patio furniture sitting on the lawn without causing any damage to grass. 

Bright and early the men started working feverishly to install the "lawn". 

I can't express enough how shocking the instant transformation of the backyard was for me, no longer weeds, it was green with defined borders to come. 

Once they laid the grass they sprinkled sand over to keep the grass upright. 

and used a rotary brush to spread deeply. 

Seeing instant green is very gratifying!

Just need to finish planting the white beds and mulch the entire backyard. We will seed a very large lawn on the lower right side of the pool, for clean simple lines in the backyard going forward. Flora and I are very happy with the nstant changes!


  1. Beautiful as always!!! You will love having turf by your pool - really helps to keep it clean.

  2. Well, that answers my question. :) So tidy and green, I know you'll love it.♥ It must have been chilly seeing how everyone is dressed. We are sweltering here with the heat and humidity.