Sunday, February 17, 2019

winter in the garden

the iris have been sending up sparse rebloomers, even at the end of the January,
my friend Jonathon...
the real story this winter has been the winds! several days worth of 60 mph gusts, we had our first causality this year with the tractor...
a 30' live oak just snapped onto the tractor crushing the seat, steering wheel and tweaking the body. my husband has been welding it straight again and ordering new parts to get her back in shape so she can keep working the in the garden!

its been beasty cold, then woke up to 6" of fresh snow~



  1. I bet you could get someone to move Flora. Well, depending on how big she is!

    1. She is close to a thousand pounds on a steep hill now boxed in with a 6’ retaining wall, only way out is to move wall and dirt or 🚁 her out!

    2. Everything looks so peaceful. Sorry about that tractor. We used to have a little Kubota like that and I loved it. Hope you get her fixed up. Good luck with Flora. Where there is a will there's a way.