Tuesday, August 19, 2014

etta mae's worst bad luck day

today the novel bakers are sharing, hot off the presses, etta mae's worst bad-luck day. ever feel like you are a bit down on your luck? well, let me suggest you grab this book, a big glass of sweet tea, kick off your heels and sit down for a fun afternoon of reading that will have you rooting for etta mae all the way! how can you not be charmed by this hard working gal that lives in a trailer park and has a delightful barbie collection to soothe her cares away...

oh, but don't let that fool you, there are always big dreams in store for everyone in this book!

even though etta mae does have a rather peculiar diet...

be prepared for a wild 2 day southern ride, with a wee bit of nourishment along the way...

all while still looking fashionable smart~

i never like to spoil a good book, but i am always up to eating their words! this being a southern book you can bet your high cotton they will be punch drunk and sharing party food to delight your southern taste buds... but i live out west, and rather tweak things a bit more to my likings. of course crab salat jumped right off the page for me, who doesn't love a light refreshing meal...

followed up with grannies fried peach pies. ok, i hate fried food, so i baked a little something lighter...

next time you are in the mood for some fun light reading, tell etta mae i sent ya! thanks for stopping by, lets see whats cooking with the rest of the gals...

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thank you mlw and viking books for providing us with early copies of Etta Mae.

next up for the novel bakers, picnic week starting sept 8th, join us now on pinterest and don't miss a single bite!

peach crab and avocado stack salad

mix together to taste

lemon zest
lemon juice


green onions

puree and spread on plate

additional peaches
lemon juice

use stacking mold for all of the above, top with

pie crust
rose water
lemon juice
brown sugar
corn starch
sanding sugar
egg wash

bake at 425 for 5' then drop to 350 for 10-15'


  1. Oh your Peach & Avocado Crab Salad (t) looks so good, what a beautiful stack of delicious flavors! Our local peaches are getting scarce, with the ones in the store now from your neck of the woods.

    I love all the fun collages you included, especially the dress from the Kathie Lee collection :) and you even sprung for Lottery tickets, hope you are luckier than Etta Mae!

    Peach Pies, great minds, I love the addition of the basil for a little savory addition and your rose water too! Thanks for the delicious fun this morning. Wishing you good picnic weather!

  2. Between you and Mary, I am going to have to have a peach pie very soon! I love books like this and can't wait to start reading...thanks Jain, for some more Novel Baker's fun! The peach & crab salad looks amazing by the way~

  3. Oh happy day!...The Novel Bakers are back!...love you gals! And for some strange reason, I'm in the mood for peach pie (yours look fabulous by the way).
    Thanks for a great post Jain. Can't wait for Sept. 8th!

  4. Jain, you have a magical touch with everything you do. I love how you pull details from a book, create vignettes and recipes, and capture the magic in photographs. The lottery ticket; Goodies powder; and peach pie with a West Coast twist, not to mention the stacked crab salad.Looking forward to picnic week!

  5. I have to make that salad. It looks both delicious and gorgeous. You and Mary have tempted me with the mini pies. They aren't on my diet, but I do think I need to bake this week.
    Fun seeing your creative shots. Looking forward to the picnic posts!