Sunday, December 15, 2013

don't forget the gravy!

i hope you have enjoyed your week with nigella and the novel bakers, for the grand finale i wanted to share something so simple, but so tasty to make your holiday turkey just a little extra special. trust me, you will want to drink this...

thank you for visiting, happy holiday cooking to you! I hope you stop in and visit the week of wonderful recipes, and check out mary for the weeks round up~

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  1. Oh my that gravy DOES sound good enough to drink and your bird looks like an advertisement for the "eat-more-turkey-council"! We're having beef tenderloin for Christmas but I have to try this with our next turkey. Thanks for all the delicious fun this week *burp* :)

    Got a kick out of Rett's comment yesterday:

    "Stop it, Stop it, STOP IT!!! I am overwhelmed with sensory input & feeling extremely inadequate right now! LOL
    Any ONE of you three is an incredible source of inspiration but when you combine all three at once……….ZONK!! *sigh* I’m doomed to ‘wanna-be’ status the rest of my life, I just know it."

  2. You know I've enjoyed my week with the Novel Bakers! I love when you gals get together! Just want to let you know how much I appreciate all the work and effort that goes into what you gals do. Your cooking, baking, photography, planning, styling, etc., etc. to make the perfect posts for us all to enjoy...love it all! Don't ever feel unappreciated. I, myself, do not sit with my cuppa and the morning paper. Instead I'm enjoying what you have for me every morning. Thank you. Happy holidays!

  3. thank you cippy you have always been very kind and generous with your words!