Friday, August 30, 2013

preserved lemon and melon salad~

this post originally posted for the mystery ingredient club, i find it easier to locate recipes when they have their own page~

oh my, talk about a real zing in your step! i took fresh greens mixed almost 50/50 with fresh mint, i LOVE mint. i then layered red onions, the sweetest cantaloupe my neighbor just gave me, salty creamy feta and then sliced one quartered piece of lemon to spread about.

i took the briney juice from the jar and added a bit of olive oil, pepper and honey and drizzled over the top. it was an explosion of taste in my mouth! the lemon with the mint and sweet cantaloupe with salty feta is THE perfect combo! since my neighbor had just given me her cantaloupe i took a salad over for her too, she had never tried preserved lemons before, as she took her first bite i watched her eyes pop large and round, as we chatted she couldn't stop picking at the salad, how fun for us both to try new flavors straight from the jar~

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  1. I'm glad you reposted this flavor combo before the cantaloupes are gone for the season!