Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bee sting

it's a hot lazy day, the bees are buzzing as you lazily read your book in your favorite quiet little corner. let me tell you, you won't hurt one bit with this little little bee sting...

bee sting
from summer cocktails

honey liquor
sparking wine, champagne or prosecco

Monday, April 20, 2015

summer cocktails

it is almost that time of year again, the thought of long, warm, summer days, lazing about with a bit of cool libation to tickle your palate. just in time for the season, there is a brand new cocktail cookbook to delight your tastebuds. this is not the first time i have enjoyed these authors, i relished my copy of winter cocktails,  i vowed to try 7 new cocktails every night at sunset for one week, it was an excellent week! check out some of the fun i had in winter...

since i had such a great time before, i am willing to try it all over again, for the sake of research, of course! this week i will try several new summer cocktails, the book is just as refreshing as their first one! i will be enjoying the fresh tastes of the summer garden, plus this time they tossed in a few recipes to round out the cocktail hour. enjoy a sneak peak of this soon to be released book...

right now my summer cocktails are infusing, more to come soon, cheers!

Friday, April 10, 2015

reading goals 2015

goal 150 books

goal 100 on kindle

1 winters tale *****
2 the look of love ****.*
3 liberty's torch *****
4 dress shop of dreams ****.*
5 husbands secret *****
6 most talkative ***.*
7 patron saint of ugly *****
8 i am having so much fun here without you ****
9 the storied life of a.j.friky ****.*
10 shadow of the wind *****
11 the magician's nephew ****
12 the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ****
13 a boy and his horse ****
14 stardust ****
15 tune in tokyo **
16 the thirteenth tale *****
17 lives in ruins **.*
18 sweet honey, bitter lemons ***·*
19 mercury falls ****.*
20 shell collector ***
21 sleep tight ****
22 something in stone ***.*
23 winter sea *****
24 code talkers *****
25 600 hours of edward ******
26 red pyramid ****
27 rosie project ***.*
28 the martain ****·*
29 my sisters grave ***.*
30 mercury rises ****
33 leaving time *****
34 the secret piano ***·*
35 girl on the train ****
36 defending jacob *****
37 mercury rests ****
38 what she left behind ****
39 the sisters brothers **
40 the secret garden ****
41 outlander *****
42 quiet ****·*
43 second star to the right ***·*
44 norwegian by night *****
45 i am malala; the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban ****.*
46 i am malala: the girl who stood up for education and changed the word *****
47 girls like us **

goal 25 library

1 novel cure ****
2 a boat a whale & a walrus ****
3 the boston girl ***
4 first frost ****
5 revolution ***.*
6 the year of reading dangerously ***
7 the andy cohen diaries ***.*
8 etta and otto and russel and james *****
9 the love song of miss queeny hennessy *****
10 martin short i must say ****
11 I'll give you the sun *****
12 not my father's son *****
13 somewhere safe with someone good **
14 aquarium *****
15 at the waters edge *****
16 dead wake *****

goal 25 i own

1 bettysville **
2 the point reyes sheriffs calls ****
3 summer cocktails ****

goal to do the following 52 books~

a pulitzer prize winning book
a play

1-a book over 500 pages ... a winters tale 770 pages
2-a book originally written in another language ... shadow of the wind
3-a book you own but haven't read ... the storied life of a.j.frikey
4-a book with magic ... the dress shop of dreams
5-a book from your childhood ... the magician's nephew
6-a book with a love triangle ... the husbands secret
7-a book based entirely on its cover ... a boat, a whale & a walrus
8-a book you were supposed to read in school but didn't ... the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
9-a memoir ... most talkative
10-a book you can finish in a day ... a novel cure 
11-a book from an author you love that you haven't read yet ... the look of love, sarah jio
12-a book a friend recommended ... pam, patron saint of ugly 
13-a nonfiction book ... liberty's torch
14-a book by a female author ... i am having so much fun without you
15-a book that came out the year you were born ... the horse and his boy
 16-a book with nonhuman characters ... stardust
 17-a book written by someone under 30 …tune in tokyo
 18-a number in the title ... the thirteenth tale
 19-a book by an author you've never read before ... lives in ruins
 20-a book with antonyms in the title … sweet honey, bitter lemons
 21-trilogy #1 ... mercury falls ... 
 22-a graphic novel ... the boston girl
 23-a book set in high school  ...first frost...
 24-a mystery or thriller … sleep tight
 25-a book that takes place in your hometown ... something in stone, dillon beach
 26-classic romance ...winter sea 
 27-a book of short stories ... the year of reading dangerously
 28-a book becomes a movie ... code talker
 29-a book with a color in the title ... red pyramid
 30-a book set somewhere you always wanted to visit ... the rosie project, Australia
 31-a book set in the future... the martian 
 32-a book based on or turned into a tv show ... the andy cohen diaries
 33-book published this year ... etta and otto and russel and james
 34-a book at the bottom of your to read list ... 600 hours of edward
 35-a book with a one word title ... revolution
 36-trilogy #2... mercury rises
 37-a book that made you cry ... the love song of miss queenie hennessy
 38-a funny book ... i must say
 39-a book set in a different country … not my father's son
 40-a book based on a true story … leaving time

 41-a book your mom loves ... somewhere safe with someone good
 42-trilogy #3 ... mercury rests
 43-a book that scares you … what she left behind 
 44-a book you started but never finished...the sisters brothers
 45-a book more that 100 years old ... the secret garden
 46-popular authors first book ... outlander
 47-a book set during xmas ... aquarium
 48-a book written with your same initials … second star to the right, mm
 49-a banned book ... i am malala
 50-a book with bad reviews ... lost and found *****

jan ... the storied life of aj frikey
feb ... the shell collector
march ... my sisters grave
april ... etta and otto and russel and james

books purchased
1 rails across the ranchos
2 point reyes peninsula
3 the end of night
4 kindle, the miniaturist
5 kindle,  the girl on the train
6 kindle, the woman in white
7 kindle, me before you
8 kindle, the martian
9 kindle, the girl with all the gifts
10 kindle, wreckage
11 kindle, the mermaids sister
12 kindle, we are called to rise
13 mink river
14 point reyes sherriffs calls
15 kindle, death at la fenice
16 kindle, angels in my hair
17 kindle, the history of rain
18 on the edge
19 the possibilites
20 her wild oats
21 kindle, firebird
22 kindle second glance
23 kindle, we are not ourselves
24 kindle, trail of broken wings
25 kindle, the buried giant
26 kindle, three men in a boat
27 kindle, hall of small mammals
28 kindle, go set a watchman
29 kindle, secret of a charmed life
30 kindle, tibetan peach pie
31 sunday suppers
32 vintage sweets
33 vintage tea parties for the year
34 vintage tea party

books scott bought~ 5