Wednesday, February 19, 2020

in the garden today~

we are in the midst of a dry spell, driest February on record since 1864, not a drop of water this month, jan 19th was the last moisture that fell. despite the dry, the garden is treating our winter like spring~
my evergreen pears look like white billowing clouds from a afar
I have three acacias dotting the landscape with their profusion of yellow
the almond trees are smothered in blooms
my daffodils are struggling with no water, only 20% are blooming compared to last year
this angel has traveled to all of our homes, it now sits midways between an alley of Chinese pistaches that are planted over our passing pets. it is their stairway to heaven~
for the first time since purchasing our new house my husband mowed our lower acreage, its nice to see the contour and know that it is mowable afterall!
I have been begging for woodchips since we moved in, I put a sign up in front of my home saying woodchips wanted, it has blessed me tenfold between the county, tree trimmers, homeowner's and pge I have received at least a 1000 yards. last week I came home to a huge surprise of 14 trucks in one day, that's 140 yards of mulch! with my surprise garden gift, I was able to finish one complete side of our property, and as an added bonus, I decided to plant a 100' foot hedge of pink crepe myrtles by the canal. it looks like nothing now, but in years to come it will add a splash of color I had not planned on, all because the county was kind of enough to make this all possible!
today we started work on the kitchen garden! its going to be about a 1000 sf garden of raised beds just off the kitchen, I look forward to fresh herbs, flowers, and veggies, of course they must be deer proof since its not a fenced in garden...
while we kept extra busy today I kept looking out and seeing Katie far off in the distance...
she is obsessed with her ball...
she is howling for us to come throw it for her...
better luck tomorrow Katie!

Monday, February 10, 2020

february garden

last week it was bitter cold in the 20s, yesterday was very cold and windy, in fact the sierras clocked in at 209 mph, highest on record for our state, today we hit 70 degrees. I hope this is just an aberration this week, we need winter to return with loads of snow and rain, but until then, it sure looks and feels like spring... 
its been so dry sprinklers are needed in winter...
I love woodpeckers, I have a couple of nests in the oaks that house 6-8 birds
talked my husband into making a few bird boxes, can't wait to see if, when and who will use them. the directions said this box size will work for owls, hawks and woodpeckers
my latest find, the perfect base for a glass table in my conservatory to come in the rose garden.
my husband welded this huge trellis to support cecile brunner
all the roses have been prunned
just one circle path left to finish the pavers
been getting 100s of yards of mulch this winter, working diligently to cover all my garden areas for a weed free spring~