Saturday, September 19, 2020

Around the garden~

Since our old house burned down a month ago in Vacaville we have been pretty despondent, the skies were so thick with smoke you didn't want to be outdoors. Yesterday, for the first time in over a month, the sky was clear, it didn't last, but it did wonders for our moral. I took the camera for a short walk, starting in the orchard....

I was thrilled to see the almonds were ripe on my last tree

Loved the morning light shining bright...

I have never seen this before, they look like bumpy rubber balls, but they are seed pods on my dogwood. 

The metal picture frames for climbing roses on the casita add a little more texture to a dull wall.

My rue has been blooming nonstop since spring, smothering the table in blue.

Love the abundant overflow...

We always have projects going, but the fire stopped all forward progress, frankly I just didn't care about anything... I am project driven, with a wide open calendar I think it keeps you stuck in limbo, I needed to focus and get back to living at our best. 

This week I ordered transfer loads of fill dirt and we were able to pick up the pace again with two projects. First up is the barn, I wanted a large level patio to hold a picnic table so I can visit my husband in his new shop to be, and to have a place to collect my harvests from the orchard. My husband gets the inside, but I will have a little play area for fruits and picnics on the backside. 30 yards later its level, it will have pavers, planters and furniture for a comfy spot to lounge around the barn.

The two new iris borders, 140' long each, got their irrigation in place. I was thrilled yesterday when a much needed wood chips truck stopped by allowing me to finish mulching both beds today. 

Our other project is setting up my nursery, a place to nurture plants. The plan is to have a greenhouse, then send all plants here to harden off and grow. It will be a two tiered fenced in area from the deer with pavers, gates, grow tables, plant racks and a potting trough. It backs up to an irrigation canal, tucked under an oak tree for a shady spot to rest in our hot summers. I jumped out of my skin the other day, when sitting serenely, sudden two ducks noticed me plunged squawking into the canal, I am not used to living with water fowl!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Rocky road


Monday, September 14, 2020

lady bug bites~

Fresh basil
Cherry tomatoes
Black olives
Black icing

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

morning walk~

I cannot lie, with all the fires and people fleeing for their lives I am a jangled mess of nerves, to calm myself I walked my garden this morning and picked two bountiful bouquets of roses. I feel better outside, alert to our environment, watchful and praying for better days for all in the west.