Saturday, January 2, 2016

reading goals 2016

~goal 150 books~

goal 100 kindles

1… fates and furies ***.*
2… firebird ****.*
3… tomorrowland *****
4… the lathe of heaven ****
5… the storyteller *****
6 ...the bookseller ****·*
7… this is your life Harriet chance ****·*
8 ... the mountains between us ***
9… the betty Davis club ***
10... in the heart of the sea **
11… children of god *****
12 …the lightkeepers *****
13 …the short drop *****
14 ...boys in the trees *****
15…guttenbeg's apprentice
16 good neighbor **·*

goal 25 library books

1 ... gourmet rhapsody *****
2 ranger confidential *****·*

goal 25 books i own

additional goals

a book based on a fairy tale

a national book award winner
...fates and cities...

a ya bestseller

a book you have not read since high school

a book set in California
...the betty davis club...

a book translated to English

a romance set in the future
...the children of god...

a book set in Europe

a book under 150 pages
...gourmet rhapsody...

a nyt bestseller

a book becoming a movie this year

a book a family member recommended
...the moutain between us...

a book recommended by someone you just met

a self improvement book

a book you can finish in a day
…Tomorrow land…

a book written by a celebrity
...boys in the trees...

a political memoir

a book 100 years old

a book more than 600 pages

a book from oprahs book club
…I know this much is true…

a science fiction novel
…the lathe of heaven…

a book published in 2016
...the lightkeepers...

a book with a protagonist with your occupation

a book that takes place in summer
…ranger confidential…

a book and its prequel

a murder mystery
…the short drop…

a book written by a comedian

a dystopian novel
…the girl with all the gifts…

a book with a blue cover
...this is your life harriet chance...

the first book you see in a bookstore

a classic from the 20th century

a book from the library
…the storyteller…

an autobiography

a book about a road trip

a book about a culture you are unfamiliar with

a satirical book

a book that takes place on an island
…point of direction…

a book that's guaranteed to bring you joy 

Friday, January 1, 2016

a beach diary dec 13th thru the 31st 2015

i spent 309 wonderful days living by the sea in 2015 :-) was a fabulous last couple of weeks with book club progressive dinner, bday, xmas, scott off for 11 days, loads of swimming, hikes, shopping, eating, chatting, whale watching, wildlife loving and just all around funning!

keeping with our seaside xmas, the furry ones were not forgotten...

ended up at homegoods the day after xmas, had noticed this all winter, thought it was just to stark and fake looking for my liking...

a little day after xmas crafting was all it needed at 50% off...

smudged on some darker paints for contrast, added a little rope and modge podged sand from the beach. just how i like it, toned down, natural and earthy for next years table~

the boys watching as i work

hiking in the neighborhood...

still can't get to our private beach with my vertigo and a narrow goat trail at the end :-(
astounded at the change of our beach, what was once a large gracefully curving dune is chopped clean across the face

the tractor used to drive out this road, the sand is scoured 4 feet away...
the sands may come and go just like the sunsets, but it always makes for such a rich and varied life living by the sea~
feeling blessed for another year living my sea dream

Thursday, December 31, 2015

year end hike~

it has been cold, 23 degrees this morn, driving to the pool was like living in the sierras, snow white, cold and black ice on the road. after an invigorating swim we decided to take a hike in the beautiful and varied ecosystem of the point reyes seashore.
so nice to see fresh water after rain...

lush green pastures have returned

a lone coyote, by the arrow, was spied sunning himself by the lake

our walk had such rich and varied landscapes, from cool fresh water lagoons, to green pastures and sand dunes that rival the saharas

after the fresh greens the sand looked almost lunar...

we spied an artsy café for two

and a little mad maxish retreat...

with a quick reality check for his iphone stats...

off to find the elk

i thought rutting season would have been over by now, but this boy was trying to prove me wrong

too bad i am out of focus...

right after this shot the female back kicked him is his chest

in the distance you can see the farallon islands, also known as the devil teeths. i just learned we can see them in our neighborhood too, you could say i am on a farallon binge these days :-)

was the perfect end to a another wonderful year by the sea~