Monday, August 12, 2013

puff the magic dragon...

lived by the sea~

ok, so the only puff i know is pastry, but it's one heck of a magic dragon, from sweet to savory i am magically enchanted it with it.

straight from the dragons mouth, so hot his breath is fogging my lens...

magically delicious~

puff pastry eggs

puff pastry, scored around the edges
milk or egg for browning
sour cream mixed with parmesan, spread first
saute red onions until caramelized
saute mushrooms
fresh herbs like thyme or cilantro

or any breakfast combo you desire

bake at 400 for 10', create a well with veggies
crack a fresh egg and bake another 10' until set

season with fresh herbs and s&p~


  1. Oh that does look like a magically delicious combo! I don't why it never occurred to me to use puff pastry for breakfast!

  2. oh goodness, I am starving and so wish this was my breakfast. I agree, anything puff pastry and I'm in! Looks lovely and divine~

  3. Yum...a perfect post to read with my morning tea.
    Really looks delish! :)

  4. What a marvelous idea! I'm buying puff pastry tomorrow! Love the little peek at Puff.

  5. Like Mary, I've thought of using puff pastry for a breakfast dish. This looks yummy!