Wednesday, August 14, 2013

crate love~

we have been working on a new laundry room at sea dream, i have this unfolding vision of white cabinets with old wood and chicken wire mix. a neighbor told me about a salvage yard, we went to look for doors and lumber, but the first thing i spied were these crates. HUNDREDS OF THEM!

back home i have fruit trees, i can never have enough baskets to haul things around, these would be perfect! i asked the price, it's rather free floating we learned, based on your car and appearance... the first guy told me $6 to $25, depending on the design. which means if you like it, its $25... they are in wretched shape, these are the original crates from the 30s. the labels are all torn and tattered, what would you expect after having these crates float around over the decades, their last home was a pigeon coop, you can imagine how disgusting the crates truly are...

i found 2 doors i liked, but again, no pricing... we asked someone who was brand new, he said ask someone else, the same guy that told me the pricing on the crates was the only one we saw... hmm not sounding good. after about 30 minutes i ask the new guy again for pricing, he has no clue. i said do you know the price of anything? he said maybe... i said how much are the crates? he says 5 :-) we quickly bought 3 crates and hot footed it out of there like i had committed grand larceny!

as an aside, we were at home depot comparing door prices and i called the yard, got the same new guy, i said ok i have had it, i am at home depot and i want to know the price of your doors, its now or never! he said you can have them both for $30 each. he never checked with anyone, just made a stance and said let them fire me. we RACED back, the same door was $200 at home depot, my husband is cheap, he couldn't wait to grab that door FAST. as we were loading the car up with our 2 for $60 doors, the guy who quoted me $25 on the crates walks by and says how much did you pay for the doors. oh my god we are going to jail... scott says we got both for $60 with a cheesey grin, he hesitated and says good deal guys. i wonder if the guy was fired, we were out there burning rubber 2 times in one day!

back to the crates, i purchased sunkist oranges and grapefruits to match my trees, and one california growers exchange for all the many other things i grow. i had already been admiring crate labels and began in earnest selecting designs that i liked that would look good at home when i was picking my fruits, but still would blend in well when i hauled them all over to the beach, brim full of sunshine and vitamin d!

needless to say, i have been having great fun, so much fun that i went back and bought 4 more! i was far more knowledgeable after looking at many 1000s of labels online. i settled on 2 with a good portion of their labels intact. i came home to look up them up, one label was very illusive, i looked through almost every single orange label ever in print and finally found it after looking at over 2500... as a later aside, i learned at the fiar that the one i have is very rare from expert.

as you can imagine the crates will be making many more appearances in my future, i love little bits of artwork blended in with the magic from the garden~


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I get lost in your photos!
    They're crisp, bright and so vibrant.
    Simply beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I'm over the moon with your creative crate love! I would have paid $25 a piece for those crates, $5 was a steal! I can see hours of work in those labels, Once in a Blue Mood did a fantastic job packing them for Sea Dream :)

  3. Oh, I'm having a little crate envy here. Love the label on the Queen Bee. How perfect for you to find Sea Breeze, Blue Moon, Pacific. Amazing detail on these crates. The row of lemons along the side board. Can't wait to see what magic your creative mind cooks up for these beauties! ~ Sarah

  4. Swooning over these gorgeous crates. The photos make me feel as if I'm right there. Clapping over your doors! Yay!

  5. I'm having bandwidth problems so I hope this message goes through. I loved reading about your crate adventure. What a buy! You were meant to have those crates--they go with your love of nature and your garden. I can't wait to see your doors. 6 years ago, I thought I got a deal at a salvage store--I paid $75 for an old door. You scored, big time. Yay! Your laundry area sounds beautiful!

  6. I can't wait to see all the things you do with those glorious crates! I was just thinking...you are always saying how cheap your hubs is...you know he's really not, he's very sweet...he goes along with you on all these adventures knowing you're going to buy something!!

  7. Been a while since I've been able to check in. LOVE the crates. What a find...they will be fun. I love a deal and tend to buy to many when I find one. I bet 7 is just the right number. It's still humid and hot as crazy down here in south central Texas...longing for some fall coolness. Everything's laying pretty low down here at the little "ranchita" except for the teenage skunk that wandered into the yard and flower beds the other day. I thought it was really cute and took lots of photos until it got close enough to get under my house...yikes. Hope to post photos soon....R