Tuesday, December 31, 2013

winter cocktails~

what a better time to discuss cocktails then new years eve! i received this book in fall, i thought wait until winter to indulge, i am sorry i waited so long... to me winter starts on dec 21, but for this book, i think cold weather is all they wanted to help you to start indulging early with fabulous fall cocktails.

the book starts out with the basics to help you make sure you are ready to imbibe in style.

the book is divided into categories, from mulled ciders, to hot toddies, punches and pitchers, they even include some favorite cocktail party snacks. i decided to enjoy a few new cocktails just as the sun sets, only to make sure it was worthy recommending this book ;-)

i will say that some pics get rushed, like my persian warmer... my husband was in the freezing garage building my mason jar light fixture and i always walk the dogs just as the sun is setting, i was in a mad dash to make our drinks before losing all the sunlight, i also had to be sure we stayed sober enough so as not to trip and fall on my walk, or accidentally watch my husband electrocute himself! even in the mad dash, i have to say this was DELICIOUS! instead of grand marnier, i used vin de rose that i had made earlier. i would so make this again, delish, virgin or spiked!

i loved the chapter on infusing, i can't wait for my blackberry thyme gin to ripen~

being at sea dream i don't have a lot of ingredients to work with, imagine my delight when i discovered my pantry had everything needed to make a coquito! a mexican drink, traditional shared on christmas eve, i made plans for us to enjoy ours on the deck as the sun slipped into the sea...

after gulping down our first class, i grabbed the bottle and headed over to my neighbors and shared another glass, or two... she had another friend pop in and shortly there after the entire batch was drained. where i come from, i call that a successful recipe!

it was a cold winters day by the sea, what could be better than mulled white wine, with the wonderful pear brandy twist~

if you haven't gathered it by now, i am smitten with my winter cocktail book! my only regret is that i am sharing my post today, because i have selected many fun new recipes until the end of this week to keep the holiday celebrations alive and well. cheers to all, happy new years and happy reading, who knew you could enjoy both!

Monday, December 30, 2013

three hours...

til fun! when i saw mary's candy cane vodka i KNEW i was going to be all over it :-)

candy can vodka

candy canes

3 hours to dissolve...

hot cocoa
hefty pour
peppermint whip cream

setting sun
warm fire
starry night

we had the perfect christmas day; a walk on the beach, flying kites in the backyard, baking a yule log, roast in the oven, homemade spiked vodka, a toasty fire in the pavilion and a tasty mug in hand... heavy sigh, lets get the telescope out and star gaze... i am snuggled in waiting for his return when out pops my husband saying mission aborted, the kittens ate your yule log, ornaments are spread down the hall, time to sober up and save christmas before they find the roast! i waited 3 hours for my spiked cocoa, only to be foiled by fur again~