Thursday, December 31, 2015

year end hike~

it has been cold, 23 degrees this morn, driving to the pool was like living in the sierras, snow white, cold and black ice on the road. after an invigorating swim we decided to take a hike in the beautiful and varied ecosystem of the point reyes seashore.
so nice to see fresh water after rain...

lush green pastures have returned

a lone coyote, by the arrow, was spied sunning himself by the lake

our walk had such rich and varied landscapes, from cool fresh water lagoons, to green pastures and sand dunes that rival the saharas

after the fresh greens the sand looked almost lunar...

we spied an artsy café for two

and a little mad maxish retreat...

with a quick reality check for his iphone stats...

off to find the elk

i thought rutting season would have been over by now, but this boy was trying to prove me wrong

too bad i am out of focus...

right after this shot the female back kicked him is his chest

in the distance you can see the farallon islands, also known as the devil teeths. i just learned we can see them in our neighborhood too, you could say i am on a farallon binge these days :-)

was the perfect end to a another wonderful year by the sea~

reading wrap up 2015

goal 150 books, read 145~

goal 100 on kindle

1 winters tale *****
2 the look of love ****.*
3 liberty's torch *****
4 dress shop of dreams ****.*
5 husbands secret *****
6 most talkative ***.*
7 patron saint of ugly *****
8 i am having so much fun here without you ****
9 the storied life of a.j.friky ****.*
10 shadow of the wind *****
11 the magician's nephew ****
12 the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ****
13 a boy and his horse ****
14 stardust ****
15 tune in tokyo **
16 the thirteenth tale *****
17 lives in ruins **.*
18 sweet honey, bitter lemons ***·*
19 mercury falls ****.*
20 shell collector ***
21 sleep tight ****
22 something in stone ***.*
23 winter sea *****
24 code talkers *****
25 600 hours of edward ******
26 red pyramid ****
27 rosie project ***.*
28 the martain ****·*
29 my sisters grave ***.*
30 mercury rises ****
33 leaving time *****
34 the secret piano ***·*
35 girl on the train ****
36 defending jacob *****
37 mercury rests ****
38 what she left behind ****
39 the sisters brothers **
40 the secret garden ****
41 outlander *****
42 quiet ****·*
43 second star to the right ***·*
44 norwegian by night *****
45 i am malala; the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban ****.*
46 i am malala: the girl who stood up for education and changed the word *****
47 girls like us **
48 three men in a boat **
49 nightingale *****
50 hall of small mammals **
51 thru-hiking will break your heart ****·*
52 island of the sequined love nun ****
53 the strange and sorrowful life of eva lavender *****
54 the curtain ****.*
55 molokai *****
56 buried giant *****
57 finders keepers ***·*
58 through the fog ***
59 the vacationers ***.*
60 tomorrowland ****.*
61 umbrian thursday night supper club *****
62 about Grace *****
63 circling the sun ****
64 among ten thousand things ***·*
65 rosie perez ****·*
66 atkins carb counter ****
67 marriage of opposites *****
68 find the good ****
69 galore ***.*
70 ordinary grace *****
71 water knife *****
72 Argo ****·*
73 library of souls ****·*
74 the glittering ***
75 ice man cometh *****
76 atkins 30 minute recipes **·*
77 secret chord **
78 station eleven *****
79 the dovekeeper *****
80 the lake house ******
81 two years eight months and twenty eight nights ***
82 a full life ****·*
83 troublemaker ****·*
84 I am number four **·*
85 avenue of mysteries ****.*
86 a Paris feast ****
87 the dogs of christmas **
88 the sparrow *****

goal 25 library

1 novel cure ****
2 a boat a whale & a walrus ****
3 the boston girl ***
4 first frost ****
5 revolution ***.*
6 the year of reading dangerously ***
7 the andy cohen diaries ***.*
8 etta and otto and russel and james *****
9 the love song of miss queeny hennessy *****
10 martin short i must say ****
11 I'll give you the sun *****
12 not my father's son *****
13 somewhere safe with someone good **
14 aquarium *****
15 at the waters edge *****
16 dead wake *****
17 the book of joe ****.*
18 the humans *****
19  the sea garden ****.*
20 the steady running of the hour ****
21 when books went to war *****
22 a fine romance *****
23 my grandmother asked me to tell you she is sorry *****
24 in the unlikely event **.*
25 the truth according to us **
26 the harder they come *****
27 language arts *****
28 the geography of bliss ****
29 the sound of glass ****.*
30 above us only sky *****
31 big fish ****·*
32 the book of joan ****·*
33 the dead wifes handbook **
34 voices in the ocean **
35 skyfaring ****
36 the book of specualtion ****.*
37 the little paris bookshop *****
38 our souls at night ****.*
39 perfect ****·*
40 the church of marvels ****
41 desert God *****
42 secondhand souls ****.*
43 we never asked for wings ***·*

goal 25 i own

1 bettysville **
2 the point reyes sheriffs calls ****
3 summer cocktails ****
4 my abuelas kitchen **.*
5 sunday suppers ***.*
6 vintage tea party *****
7 vintage sweets ****
8 vintage tea party year ****·*
9 roast fig sugar snow *****
10 a suitcase and a spatula *****
11 homemade summer *****
12 regional foods of northern italy *****
13 regional foods of southern italy *****
14 kitchens of the great midwest *****

goal to do the following 50 books~

1-a book over 500 pages ... a winters tale 770 pages
2-a book originally written in another language ... shadow of the wind
3-a book you own but haven't read ... the storied life of a.j.frikey
4-a book with magic ... the dress shop of dreams
5-a book from your childhood ... the magician's nephew
6-a book with a love triangle ... the husbands secret
7-a book based entirely on its cover ... a boat, a whale & a walrus
8-a book you were supposed to read in school but didn't ... the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
9-a memoir ... most talkative
10-a book you can finish in a day ... a novel cure 
11-a book from an author you love that you haven't read yet ... the look of love, sarah jio
12-a book a friend recommended ... pam, patron saint of ugly 
13-a nonfiction book ... liberty's torch
14-a book by a female author ... i am having so much fun without you
15-a book that came out the year you were born ... the horse and his boy
 16-a book with nonhuman characters ... stardust
 17-a book written by someone under 30 …tune in tokyo
 18-a number in the title ... the thirteenth tale
 19-a book by an author you've never read before ... lives in ruins
 20-a book with antonyms in the title … sweet honey, bitter lemons
 21-trilogy #1 ... mercury falls ... 
 22-a graphic novel ... the boston girl
 23-a book set in high school  ...first frost...
 24-a mystery or thriller … sleep tight
 25-a book that takes place in your hometown ... something in stone, dillon beach
 26-classic romance ...winter sea 
 27-a book of short stories ... the year of reading dangerously
 28-a book becomes a movie ... code talker
 29-a book with a color in the title ... red pyramid
 30-a book set somewhere you always wanted to visit ... the rosie project, Australia
 31-a book set in the future... the martian 
 32-a book based on or turned into a tv show ... the andy cohen diaries
 33-book published this year ... etta and otto and russel and james
 34-a book at the bottom of your to read list ... 600 hours of edward
 35-a book with a one word title ... revolution
 36-trilogy #2... mercury rises
 37-a book that made you cry ... the love song of miss queenie hennessy
 38-a funny book ... i must say
 39-a book set in a different country … not my father's son
 40-a book based on a true story … leaving time

 41-a book your mom loves ... somewhere safe with someone good
 42-trilogy #3 ... mercury rests
 43-a book that scares you … what she left behind 
 44-a book you started but never finished...the sisters brothers
 45-a book more that 100 years old ... the secret garden
 46-popular authors first book ... outlander
 47-a book set during xmas ... aquarium
 48-a book written with your same initials … second star to the right, mm
 49-a banned book ... i am malala
 50-a book with bad reviews ... lost and found *****

jan ... the storied life of aj frikey
feb ... the shell collector
march ... my sisters grave
april ... etta and otto and russel and james
may ... the island of the sequined love nun
june... dead wake
july ... buried giant
august ...the umbrian thursday night supper club
sept ... galore
oct ... station eleven
nov ... i am number four
dec ... a paris feast

Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas in the hood...

it has been beasty cold, woke up to an icy deck that nearly broke my neck, was surprised to see fresh snow inland from yesterdays storm

today is the last day of the king tide, the harbor breakwater is nearly flooded
it even crested in places
my husband was so eager to get out and play with his presents he forgot to shower, put on underwear and was wearing his cotton house slippers when it dawned on him we were in public! right after this his slipped 2' down hill in his non shoes. it may look like a senior moment, but to me it means he had a merry christmas and was excited to get out and explore :-)

crab season has been canceled in the west, there is a huge red tide off shore due to el nino making  them toxic. ALL around the coast crab pots are stacked and waiting for a change, hundreds of thousands pots are lining the streets, docks, homes, barns, you name it, they are everywhere....

with a king tide comes a minus tide, these are the dunes that are being devoured, its been ages since i have been able to walk the beach, was a joy to see sand again and not worry about being carried out to sea with sneaker waves this afternoon...

time for the dogs to get out and get a really good romp too
with splashing
and even a little spa treatment
but best of all, today truly was our christmas miracle because cassie doesn't really like katie, but today they played like they were best friends forever!
i had fun wading in tide pools
he got swamped and ended up barefoot, curtailing our walk in the biting temps...
i was warm and toasty and even braved surging rivers :-)

the girls enjoyed meeting some of the other dogs of christmas...

with running and playing high on their wish list

as the sun sets low and my husband almost loses his toes...

we return home to see that the lowest tide of the year had one more surprise, it birthed an island, our very own christmas island in the making~
~a merry christmas to all~