Saturday, August 10, 2013

fresh catch of the day~

and of course it still has lavender... ok, this is my official last lavender post, only because tomorrow i am joining in the foodie friday mystery ingredient, and its not lavender! this recipe was spectacular, so many wonderful bright vibrant tastes i highly recommend this recipe. i didn't use banana leaves, i used cedar planks, i switched out the raspberries for blackberries and i added fresh cilantro in my salsa. it was sublime...

you season your fish with salt, pepper and lavender, then top them off with a scoop of a fabulous citrus lavender herb butter and a layer of fresh lemons and limes.

after baked to perfection you spoon over the mango, papaya, asian pear and blackberry salsa mixed with lime juice, crystallized ginger and green onions.

you can find this recipe by googling grilled lavender halibut in banana leaves

or you can buy the book i have enjoyed for months, the lavender cookbook by sharon shipley, you will not be disappointed~