Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the blue heron...

sunny days on the coast are rare, after 2 weeks of heavy wet gray i woke up to glorious SUN. i took the dogs for a walk at 6am and just stayed out until 4pm, happy as a lark, gardening, watering, potting, reading, whale watching, pruning, dining, did i mention just playing in the sun? i cannot tell you what a blast of sun can do to your soggy skin.

while reading i spotted a blue heron. huh? why is he here, they are fisherman... i thought perhaps it was injured, it stood in the same place for 30 minutes. i heard the black birds squawking and challenging him. i thought of walking over to see if it was sick, but just grabbed my camera instead. i cannot tell you the shock i felt when suddenly it crouched down like my border collies...

i don't think i could have been more shocked unless i was nudged with a cattle prod!

our yards are riddled with voles, we trip and stumble constantly over their mounds and holes, i had NO IDEA herons were such hunters, i always thought they were fisherman...

 i was beginning to wonder how hungry was this bird...

he spent all afternoon dining near by, i could not be any more surprised to learn of these subterranean dining habits~


  1. There are lots of herons in Florida where I am from...I didn't know they ate anything but fish either! Fun to watch them.
    Miss Bloomers

  2. We see herons along the creek. Wonder if they like to dine on the rodents or squirrels that live in the woods? ;-)

  3. Oh emm gee, what GREAT shots! I never seem to be able to get close enough despite the fact that there are two in our cove and on our dock daily. I've seen them patiently wade in the water's edge barely moving, catching fish but I had no idea that small mammals were on their menu! What a shock that would have been to see, like your cow humor :)