Friday, June 6, 2014

katies day~

last weekend we took katie back to her roots... if only i could ride on her coat tails and inherit her legacy, she comes from a 1000 acre farm on the coast that just delights me to no end! she was one of 10 pups, unplanned, her momma was at herding trails and had a little incident that resulted in my little bundle of joy. its a working sheep ranch, only 2 of the litter ended up pets, one travels with a trucker and the other, my katie, lives the life of luxury between the sea and the country.

i didn't get to meet her mommy this time, she was too covered in sheep #@%! to ride in his truck when we stopped by at their trout farm, plus she had just returned the day before and won the whole kit and caboodle in herding again. i know we will be stopping by often, to remind them to put katie in the will, i would give my eye teeth for all that beautiful land just up the coast from us!

we took katie back to the scene of the crime, her very first dog walk on a leash. i love seeing her side by side shots, my little girl is a now a lady~

i always love a good wildflower walk~

when I first walked by i thought these were pine seedlings, then i froze in my track and thought pine are not native, only then did i see its a perennial plant, not sure what, but loved the black rings on the needles.

i was stunned when i saw a wild fuschia taller than me!