Thursday, July 25, 2013

lavender blueberry banana bread~

the novel bakers present lavender week~

i have never made banana bread... because i don't like it. BUT, this recipe sounded wonderful to me. oh my, i was so impressed with it! to make it even more decadent, we spread little heart dollops of lavender honey butter on an already oh so moist and perfect piece of this extra special banana bread. run quick to your kitchen, you will love this! this recipe comes from the book the lavender cookbook, i can tell you you will not find a better selection of mouthwatering lavender recipes and its a must own for those yearning for the different.

home is where the boat is

once upon a plate

rattlebridge farm

sidewalk shoes


  1. Oooo, the bread reminds me of fruitcake because it's chockfull of goodies. I had passed over the recipe because I can live without bananas, but your photos have convinced me to start baking. I love your purple birdhouse and vase--they're elegant and whimsical (just like lavender itself). I've enjoyed this week!
    (Google ate my earlier message, argh.)

  2. SWOON! What beautiful blueberry-lavender sprinkled loaves~ and surrounded by that gorgeous pitcher, flowers & birdhouse! Where did you find that pitcher?!

    We do like banana bread, that was a recipe that I bookmarked to return to, now more than ever...love your adorable gift loaf pans! What a delight with your profusion of berries~ of course I love them perched on the purple roof house! All smiles from me, I only wish I had a slice with some lavender butter to take it over the top in flavor!

  3. I really like banana bread and blueberries and lavender are two of my favorites. This sounds like a win, win for me! Definitely going to give this one a try. Your photos of those loaves are so inviting ...yum!

  4. I love the pretty bread pans! They are perfect!

  5. Well, I love banana bread, especially toasted with a bit of butter. I'm baking with blueberries this week because a friend brought me a case. Will definitely be making this recipe. I must get a copy of this cookbook. '-)
    Pretty lavender details. You find such charming things!

  6. Your blueberry bread looks devine!

    Many many moons ago I used to bake ginger blueberry muffins for my father-in-law. I would bake a double batch and freeze half so I could always be ready with his favorite treat in the winter months. He would oooo and ahhhh and make such a fuss . . . worked like a charm on me . . . I used to bake for him like a mad woman ; )

    I love all of your images from Mantanza Creek Winery. I'm not a wine drinker either but it certainly looks worth the trip. I also love the story of the couple renewing their vows . . . lovely!

  7. Jain, I see what you mean about your gorgeous banana and blueberry bread (and the BUTTER!) I've not seen a prettier loaves anywhere. Happy Lavender Days!

  8. I can't stand banana bread, but you have totally convinced me to try this! and definitely the butter!