Friday, July 5, 2013


i love halibut, but it usually costs too much to indulge, last week costco had HUGE steaks, 3" high and a foot long for only $16 a pound. i was so excited i bought 2 packages. my husband is not a fan he says, the reality is he is cheap and knows its expensive so he tells me he doesn't like it, buy him something else... i am not a short order cook, when i cook he can eat what i eat. there, i said it! i spent an hour looking for new recipes, i wanted to savor this fish and experiment at the same time. to make a long story short i found several great new recipes, but it was to hot to want to go shop for the missing items...

que in the stand by please...

halibut with basil pesto

basil pesto
red onion
fresh basil

mix the above in as a compound butter and put a scoop on each piece of fish. bake at 450 for 10-15', depending on the thickness.

i love to serve with garlic seasoned tomatoes topped with more fresh basil.

for the record, this is an old pic, caught fresh from the sea and cooked in a few hours. it was a gift from a neighbor who had just gone fishing. i am sure some new recipes will be managed after the heat wave~


  1. Looks delicious to me. I'll eat his share!

  2. I just joined Costco...so hope I find a halibut deal soon:) Your recipe looks just PERFECT!

  3. Lovely halibut! I'm not a short-order cook, either, and I am officially on strike. But I won't starve. ;-)

  4. It happened to be halibut season when we were in Seattle/Vancouver last year...what a treat. I'd settle for Costco if only there was one that wasn't just about as far away :) Love the compound butter!