Thursday, December 31, 2015

year end hike~

it has been cold, 23 degrees this morn, driving to the pool was like living in the sierras, snow white, cold and black ice on the road. after an invigorating swim we decided to take a hike in the beautiful and varied ecosystem of the point reyes seashore.
so nice to see fresh water after rain...

lush green pastures have returned

a lone coyote, by the arrow, was spied sunning himself by the lake

our walk had such rich and varied landscapes, from cool fresh water lagoons, to green pastures and sand dunes that rival the saharas

after the fresh greens the sand looked almost lunar...

we spied an artsy café for two

and a little mad maxish retreat...

with a quick reality check for his iphone stats...

off to find the elk

i thought rutting season would have been over by now, but this boy was trying to prove me wrong

too bad i am out of focus...

right after this shot the female back kicked him is his chest

in the distance you can see the farallon islands, also known as the devil teeths. i just learned we can see them in our neighborhood too, you could say i am on a farallon binge these days :-)

was the perfect end to a another wonderful year by the sea~


  1. You two are obviously ending the year on a healthy note. I admire your energy to swim and hike and still do all the other things that fill your life.
    Happy New Year and may 2016 bring you joy and good health!

  2. Gorgeous..I would never get tired of those coastal views! Happy New Year!

  3. I am always amazed at the wildlife you are able to capture with your lens! I would never tire of the scenery or happy glimpse of fauna and flora. I hope you hike back to have a artsy cafe picnic :)