Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas in the hood...

it has been beasty cold, woke up to an icy deck that nearly broke my neck, was surprised to see fresh snow inland from yesterdays storm

today is the last day of the king tide, the harbor breakwater is nearly flooded
it even crested in places
my husband was so eager to get out and play with his presents he forgot to shower, put on underwear and was wearing his cotton house slippers when it dawned on him we were in public! right after this his slipped 2' down hill in his non shoes. it may look like a senior moment, but to me it means he had a merry christmas and was excited to get out and explore :-)

crab season has been canceled in the west, there is a huge red tide off shore due to el nino making  them toxic. ALL around the coast crab pots are stacked and waiting for a change, hundreds of thousands pots are lining the streets, docks, homes, barns, you name it, they are everywhere....

with a king tide comes a minus tide, these are the dunes that are being devoured, its been ages since i have been able to walk the beach, was a joy to see sand again and not worry about being carried out to sea with sneaker waves this afternoon...

time for the dogs to get out and get a really good romp too
with splashing
and even a little spa treatment
but best of all, today truly was our christmas miracle because cassie doesn't really like katie, but today they played like they were best friends forever!
i had fun wading in tide pools
he got swamped and ended up barefoot, curtailing our walk in the biting temps...
i was warm and toasty and even braved surging rivers :-)

the girls enjoyed meeting some of the other dogs of christmas...

with running and playing high on their wish list

as the sun sets low and my husband almost loses his toes...

we return home to see that the lowest tide of the year had one more surprise, it birthed an island, our very own christmas island in the making~
~a merry christmas to all~


  1. Beautiful scenery for your coastal Christmas! I love seeing the snow-capped peaks in the distance! We are unseasonably warm here, and were in flip flops yesterday, no frost or snow in the forecast. Doggy bliss is the best, I love seeing them romp and play in the water! Merry Christmas week to you. :)

  2. A very different day from our inland one, but have to say it ours too was delightful. Much quieter and less adventuresome than yours. Enjoy the last week of 2015.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! This weather is crazy! We had to turn our air conditioning back on yesterday!

  4. Great photos! What an amazing day. I love the chasing photo. Thank you for sharing such a different landscape compared to my hills and prairie life.

  5. gardenthymewithdiana.com
    Beautiful pictures of the water, sand, cliffs , loved it all. Yours dogs were fun to look at, they were having such fun. Thank you, loved your post!

  6. We got pounded with a foot of snow! Looks so marvelous to be walking on the beach. Love your story about hubby - that is getting in touch with his inner child!!! Just like the kids would do.
    Your boots are beautiful in the swirling water. Looks like everyone had a marvelous time.