Thursday, December 24, 2015

king of king...

tides, the highest tides of the year. we have had no beach... the dunes are being devoured, creating steep ledges making walking impossible. after our beautiful sunny picnic the day before we were greeted with freezing temps and icy rain bright and early 

despite the weather, dogs still have to be walked, i like to bring them to the bluff looking over the sea, this morn i was thrilled to catch a pod of 6 dolphin.

i have never seen the surf so high, it came within 25' of the picnic tables, normally there is about 150' shore to the water line from the tables. you couldn't walk to the right or the left...
the waves were just pounding ashore...

dang cold too :-(

back in the warmth of the car, we stopped to take pics of a womans house who decided to run 1000 days in a row at the beach. these are all the trash/goodies she has collected over the years~

back up the hill to start prepping for dinner
with another magnificent sunset ushering in the evening...

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  1. Dolphins always bring a smile to my face, they are such joyful creatures. We were fortunate to see a megapod on our last trip to Ca when were visiting Laguna Niguel.
    I got a kick out of seeing those found sand pail shovels strung like a beachy Christmas garland...looks like she has a great start on a buoy collection too :)