Friday, December 4, 2015

and they call it...

puppy love~


its hard enough to capture one puppy, but two was a challenge for my old eyes! meet lexy and mazie, born sept 30th, my friends newest babies...

needless to say, the out takes FAR out number the winners, but the good news is even out takes of puppies are pretty darn cute~

these are beach dogs, time to embrace their true colors

thank you girls for such a fun day!


  1. LOVE them!! Your photos are GREAT!!

  2. How adorable. I wish we lived close enough that Sadie could have a photo session with you. They are so cute and fluffy.

  3. Aren't they precious?!


  4. Adorable photos and puppy love indeed! The photo of the one in the bandana laid back in the beach chair made me chuckle, endless fun and smiles! We took my MIL's back to her last night and she was so happy to see them. I missed them this morning but I was needing a break. I got nothing done for a week trying to follow around and potty train the puppy.

  5. Puppy love indeed and twice the loves!!!! What adorable precious pups. I love the babes in that great red chair with Christmas wreath, two of the best presents I know, puppies for Christmas!!
    Thanks for a great post, you are so creaive
    Warmest Regards, kath

  6. Oh,how adorable and life-affirming! Beautiful candid shots of the pups. I have been lighting candles each night, asking the Yorkies to send us a sign when the time is right. I believe they will. I've sent you a Christmas card wi/ my new address. Wishing you and Scott all the best!