Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a proper fridge...

i will start by saying i am not a label person, i don't have software programs, nor know how to use photoshop or whatever other whipper snappy software gadgets people use, i take pics of the real world and i am happy enough with life as i see it. and there in lies the real problem... i am not seeing to keenly these days, especially when i reach in my fridge and pour a wee glass of fig vinegar, when i thought i was trying to drink sweet blueberry liquour... due to the combination of failing eyes, and memory, i am getting to the point where i need guidance inside my refrigerator...

ta*da* ... and then i fell into the black hole of labels~ i am having fun with the end results i needed, properly labeled food and drink with the mere blink of an eye and few 100 hours whittling away... and as usual, if one pic is good enough, i think 10 are much better. because i love the lighting splaying out on the table. it had been a rainy morn and by the time i printed these the sun was shining and the bottles took on their gorgeous hues in the sun...

i fear a monster labeler as been unleashed...

but forever more i will know what i am eating and drinking~


  1. Too fun with your wonderful labels~ I've never tried making any. Do you can your fruit preserves or just refrigerate and us quickly?

    I'm a more is more girl myself too~ love the chair shadow on the table :)

  2. Well you are way up on me in your blogging and online skills if you blog ahead, set them to post at a certain time, etc. I just write and post and hopefully have downloaded my photos so I can include them! LOVE the labels...so cool!

  3. Beautiful labels! You sure keep yourself busy! I wish I had your energy.