Sunday, February 3, 2013

lemon blueberry bites...

pure addiction, we ate them all in one quick session...

crescent rolls
sugar mixed with lemon zest
fresh blueberries
melted butter

bake 350 of 10-12'

drizzle with

3/4 c powder sugar
lemon juice

truly a burst of flavor, irresistible~


  1. OK, they look like you rolled them and cut them somehow. Can you give a few more directions. We made some boxed blueberry muffins tonight SANS the blueberries in the can. My friend just wanted the plain muffins, so I brought home the can of blueberries to try to fix something for my grandson who LOVES blueberries...these look perfect ... with just a few more directions to me. thanks, they look yummy and they'll be just his size...he is 2. rtinsley_54@yahoo.com

  2. My coffee cup is lonely and envious...:)