Monday, February 11, 2013

limoncello shooters...

first i made the curd, fresh from my meyers lemon trees from home...

since i started playing with labels, i wanted to have a signature sea dream label when i make things by the sea to share...

i juiced a quart of lemons so had plenty of lemon curd to share...

i told my neighbor i was bringing her some lemon curd, she said how do you use it. on the spur of the moment, i whipped a little limoncello shooter to take over to get her started.

of course i needed to test them first ...

and as always, when i am smitten with something, like lemons, lighting and sugar, i take many pics of the same thing... it makes me happy. i blog for me, it gives me joy to see beauty all by myself...

lemon curd

6 eggs
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of lemon juice
lemon zest
cube of butter melted

mix the eggs and sugar, add the rest and microwave. stir every minute until thickened and curd coats the back of the spoon.

limoncello shooters

from bottom up...

angel food cake drenched with limoncello
lemon curd
blue berries
lemon curd lightened with whip cream
lemon curd
whip cream


  1. Your labels look wonderful and that lemon curd makes my mouth water. My favorite lemon curd is from Fortnam and Mason. When ever we go to London, I bring home several jars. Yummy!

  2. Your labels are beyond cute~ especially the made with love from Sea Dream one! I can Sea you are having a Whale of a good time :) I've never made lemon curd but then I don't have lemons by the bushel! I love TJ's version~ theirs is made in England and a great price but I'd be juicing away if I had trees. Love the shooters, anything with lemon & blueberries is a delightful pairing for me! Wish you were me neighbor...