Saturday, February 23, 2013

ho hum...

but yum yum... if you are one the my handful of visitors you have seen me do numerous versions already, but i blog for me, as a traveling cookbook. when i am at sea dream, i can just look at my blog and grab recipes i may have forgotten about, or gleam a new inspiration.

weekends i always make us a huge decadent breakfast, today i just changed up the flavors, same ease, but a wow popper of flavor. my husband is a cinnamon man, last weekend i let him win, but with a bowl full of citrus i took control and prevailed. this is a no frills post, breakfast was done and waiting, straight from the oven i brought these to the table with a quick naked snap...

no cutely iced rolls with pretty clementines in sight, this was a serious we are eating NOW shot~

i just poured the icing over the warm lot of them and let the scarfing begin :-)

clementine ginger mini rolls

crescent rolls
clementine zest
chopped ginger

powder sugar
clementine juice

roll out 2 rectangles, mix the zest and ginger with your fingers in the sugar, spread, roll and cut. i sprinkled a bit of brown sugar on their tops. grease mini pan and bake at 350 for 12'. ice with clementine ginger sugar.

i was licking the plate dry~

my husband was still thinking about cinnamon...