Monday, July 6, 2020

Garden chronicles, the peonies

After two years of deliberation on where to do a peony garden, I threw my hands in the air and just pointed to a border edging a shrub border, it's time to get them planted! Period! I won't lie, I am a complete fool to plant them in the high 90s for the next few weeks, but it's just as hard to water them in pots while I dilly dally about where for years! I like to keep records of my plants, so I always know what's planted where, next year I will add pictures as they hopefully bloom and thrive in the future.

Frog holler

Edulis superba 2
Sarah bernhardt 2
Margaret Truman 2
Karl rosenfeld 2
Blitz Torte

Black beauty 2
Duchess de Nemours 2
Mons Jules elie  5
Shirley temple 3,

Sorbet 3
Kansas 3
Bowl of beauty 3

Krinkled white 3
Dr Alex Fleming 3
Festiva maxima

Emile debatene 3
Do tell
Lady liberty
Gay paree
Petite renee
Lemon dream
Coral charm
Pink Hawaiian coral

Coral sunset

By the casita

Red tree peony

White garden

Miss America 5

Shirley temple 6

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  1. Oh your peony garden is going to rival your roses! I have a couple in pots that are limping along waiting to be planted this fall.