Saturday, April 12, 2014

the wrap party~

i hope you have all enjoyed your time with the novel bakers this week, it has indeed been a busy one with loads of books shared and recipes tasted. in my efforts to share so much visually i know i neglected my first obligation, the mere mention of the books which inspired us so much. we all know beatrix is the inspiration, but many other wonderful books were our sources this week

first i must share the 3 childrens cookbooks that gave me so much delight. mine were all purchased used, and i mean very heavily and lovingly used. i adored my retired library books, knowing many little hands enjoyed these pages as much as my tired old eyes.

on the first recipe i couldn't help but smile knowing that some pudgy little fist most likely left the remnants of this recipe crusted on the pages. i can assure you, if i was buying a fancy french cookbook, used by adults only, i would hardly find it charming, but the mere fact that wee ones were cooking with beatrix was a pure delight for me. if you have children or grandkids, what a wonderful way to bring beatrix potter alive.

in addition to the childrens books we also purchased beatrix potter's country cooking, which had so many delicious recipes that i am delighted i added this into the group. from the chilled peppermint soup to breads, cakes, puddings and biscuits, with all courses in between, you are surely able to create some luscious lakeland creations.

with so much food safely tucked behind us, i would like to invite you all to our final beatrix potter cast party, from our tables to your, happy easter and may you always be reading a good book~

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  1. Your cast party is such a wonderful way to wrap up this delicious week! Your creativity knows no bounds, I struggle to hop along beside you :) Love the carrot cupcake tucked in your carrot mug, Happy Easter confections, and banner and the carrot juice with straws is perfect for thirsty bunnies! Yesterday was a long travel day, I peeked a couple times on my phone at what I missed from you, and am happy to be able to catch up this morning. Thanks for all the delicious fun and providing us with the inspiration! I vote along with Michael Lee to have part two next spring :)

  2. What a wonderful finale to the best week ever. Love your description of chubby fists leaving their mark on the book. Your darling cast of characters just make me smile. The details are layered so beautifully...the little carrot towel, chocolate Happy Easter, fresh ingredients from the recipes. And last but not least: the books. You always find such gems for us to savor. As I cooked my way through the books, I wanted to learn more about Beatrix Potter. I've ordered more books about her life and art. (My garden is still wintry and horrid, and the potting shed door inexplicably locked from the inside...I was so frustrated that I had to take photos indoors and couldn't play with the garden book.) I'm waiting impatiently for another one of Marlena's...and looking forward to our next excursion. Soon we will have been at this for a year, and yet, it feels as if we have just begun, starting down a marvelous, magical path.xxoo

  3. Wow! Absolutely beautiful post! I am in love with those children's cookbooks..well used..well loved!
    Miss Bloomers

  4. I don't know how you find the perfect characters for all your vignettes, but this cast of characters is absolutely adorable. Your mosaics provide a great review of the week, and what a fantastic week it was. Thanks for the time and effort that went in to a delightful week for all of us reading.

  5. So sorry for this fabulous week to be ending, but what fun I've had at the cast party! What a beautiful, fun post with all the characters we've enjoyed all week long. The party table is just grand...everything arranged splendidly and placed right in front of such a beautiful view. Thank you for such a wonderful time. :)