Tuesday, April 8, 2014

mrs tiggy winkle and appley dapply~

I would just like to point out that its never to early to start reading to your kids...

katie had a hard time choosing which book to start with, so she turned her head and did ennie meannie minie mo~

today was a special day for kate, she is officially a big girl and got her very own collar and dog tag~

she was not amused...


  1. Your post was very appealing to me today, as I am a tea drinker. All your photos look so wonderful. I have only recently been enjoying lemon curd. It was never eye-appealing to me, so for years I never tried it. Once I did, though, I was hooked! It is so yummy!
    Katie is growing so fast. And what a beautiful girl she is becoming. I know you are enjoying her.

  2. Katie already reading! What a pup!
    Monday's custard was calling my name, but black current tea and lemon curd tart sounds even better. Darling little rabbit toppers!

  3. Oh you put me to shame...I want to have tea with Mrs. Tiggy Winkle! I ADORE your bunny topped tarts and black currant tea! Of course it's more delicious made with your fresh from the garden lemon curd and your too-cute-for-words tags and jar toppers! I'm regretting now I didn't open the Cookery Book the Peter Rabbit Friends looks delightful too. Thanks for the bunny fun, I'm hoping to catch up with you & ML this morning :)

  4. Oh, Jain, this is gorgeous. I love how you topped the tarts with little bunnies. The photos of Miss Katie are priceless with the books. And the teapot--I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the one that you and Mary sent me. I use it every day for Tazo orange tea and honey and lemon, and it has gotten me through all of these sickly snits that haunt me. Love, love, love this post. You've done Beatrix proud!

  5. cippy welcome to the world of curd! i make it all the time, but i leave out the butter, i am happy enough with just sugar ;-) i have to say i was eager to make this tea, its just jam and lemons, let me tell your it was brilliant! i am using it in my ice tea now too, very refreshing, beautiful colors and fun extra flavors.

    thank you sarah for stopping by~

    good to hear from you mary, i have been hoping you are having a great time, and no shaking!

    ml so happy you use the tea pot! you must try this tea, jam, can you even imagine? think of the endless possibilities! i have had so much fun playing with beatrix this week, i will be sorry to place the books back in my library...

  6. I am going to have to have a lemon curd tart very soon! Your photos have me salivating but those tarts are almost too cute to eat! All the photos are just stunning~and the tea looks very amazing too!