Saturday, April 5, 2014

the tale of mr jeremy fisher~

"i will eat a butterfly sandwich, and wait till the shower is over"

... a quiet life...

home is where the boat is

rattlebridge farm

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  1. Mr. Jeremy Fisher...fun, fun, fun! I just want to croak out loud with all the adorableness.
    And I see you have cala lilies blooming. I've noticed in some of your older posts that they grow wild by you. That is so hard for me to believe. We pay so much for them here.

  2. Oh I am so enjoying see all these characters come to life! Adorable photos and froggy props, the butterfly sandwich is too cute!! You are the queen of books & foodie fun, thanks for transporting me this morning!

  3. I have so much fun when I visit, and today, my heart feels young. The tea sandwiches are edible art--the photos should go viral on Pinterest! It will be a crime if they don't. I'm showing this post to my mother--she has china/ceramic/fabric/etc frogs all over her house and even in her car (on the dashboard). You have brought Beatrix Potter Week to life. I wish her London publisher could see these posts--you'd have a book contract in a flash. xx

  4. hi cippy, the calla do grow wild at the beach, thanks to the moist fog all summer, but inland where i live they disappear right after spring and are struggling all year until the wet winters. and they do cost a fortune anywhere!

    you are all so kind, gracias!

  5. Not sure how I missed this last year. Where was I???
    Adorable as always, Jain.